Monday, September 14, 2015

[Blogtember Challenge] My Ideal Day: Coastal Living

I am a midwest girl, born and raised. I have spent more time in the snow than any person should have to endure in their entire lifetime, and I honestly don't care for it. Not that this matters much. Unless something entirely unexpected happens, I have zero intentions of ever moving out of Minnesota. Besides, our spring and fall seasons [mostly] make up for the terrible winters.

Due to subzero temperatures and roads covered in ice, winter is when most Minnesotans try to 'get away'. We spent a lot of time fantasizing about warmer, sunnier days in the midst of the dreariness that is February. I would love to go to Europe, see the sights, experience the culture in Greece, and all of the good things that go along with those countries. My ideal day, though, wouldn't be in that trip. My ideal day is one where, at the end, I lay down relaxed, smiling, and happy.

While it may seem simple, I would love nothing more than a day in southern California along the shore. Not because it is thrilling, a notch on the bucket list, or extravagant. Rather, a day like this is all about my favorite things. Nothing makes me happier than strapping my little guy into his stroller and going for a walk. Add in an ocean view and the salty breeze, and I would do it all day, every day.

I am also a lover of window shopping and boutiques. To spend an afternoon in a coastal town checking out shops that aren't available to me at home just tickles me pink.

Also, the dress code. Swimsuit, cover up, flip flops, sundresses. I love it all. Comfortable and casual, but still stylish. Nothing makes me happier than throwing on a new sundress for a lazy afternoon.

Of course, I would hit up whatever coffee shop happened to be along the boardwalk, and enjoy one (or three) iced lattes throughout the day. I would take my baby to splash in the ocean and build sand castles. I would watch my husband and son play while I dozed for a quick nap in my beach chair.

After the sun makes its way beneath the horizon and dusk settles in, I would enjoy dinner al fresco with my loves, and my little man would be a perfectly behaved angel the entire time (again, this is my ideal day, which means my son behaves exactly how I want him to!) I would have a mojito in hand and fresh seafood in front of me.

Really, this dream day is simple, and something that many of you southern ladies get to indulge in much more often than I could ever imagine. The beach just does something good for the soul. My ideal day is simply relaxation, mother nature, and obviously, some coffee. Now that I have the fantasy going, who wants to book this trip for me!?

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  1. Your ideal day and place sound amazing. I grew up in the midwest and now live in NC, but going to California for a day sounds like a perfect way to spend a day. :)

  2. Yes to the coast for sure!! Thanks for linking up with us today! xo

  3. I was just in California in July. Visited Long Beach and a couple beaches along the PCH. After enjoying the beach and weather, I was totally dying to live there as well. I would be so much more active than I am currently.

  4. Your ideals sound so nice! Especially the window shopping! I love boutiques and shopping....well quite addicted to it! Lol. Great post today!

  5. Your ideals sound so nice! Especially the window shopping! I love boutiques and shopping....well quite addicted to it! Lol. Great post today!

  6. This sounds like a perfect day! The beach is always so calming; I love it.


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