Thursday, July 30, 2015

Own It {Link Up}

This is my first time hopping on with this link-up, but I always love a good opportunity for a brain dump to own up to anything and everything!

1. Shopping

Online shopping will be the death of me. I swear there are always items I am checking the tracking and status of, if not multiple items. I blame Amazon Prime. Why go to the mall and browse for a picture frame when I can hop on line, find exactly what I'm looking for, and have it delivered on my front door. Another package arriving may be an item I just returned but was able to get for WAY less online. So it might look like I am shopping too much, but a lot of it is just swapping out for better deals, so really I am saving money, right?

2. Sleep Deprived

Ladies, I seriously need your help. My little guy turns one next week and we are up with him nearly every single night. We have cut out nighttime nursing, avoid bringing him in our bed, let him cry a bit before we tend to him, but nothing seems to work. I am at a loss (for both my sanity and my sleep) and have no idea how to break this cycle short of shutting all of the doors and letting him cry for hours until he eventually passes out. I am a bit terrified that this really might be our only option at this point.

3. Lazy

I am seriously just lazy lately. I don't want to work. I don't want to cook. I don't want to grocery shop (which for some weird reason I usually love). I just don't want to do anything. I think I am more than ready for a new season and some new inspiration!

4. Marriage and a baby

Being married and having a baby that sucks up every free minute of your time can be tough. I am not saying not to do it; these are the two greatest things that have happened to me. But as of late, with the hubs working long days, baby being especially demanding, and my aforementioned laziness, I feel like we are lucky to get in more than a five minute conversation most days. We also just swore off going out to dinner anytime soon as a family of three after our little guy took every ounce of joy out of our 'night out' by throwing food on the floor and acting like a monster. [sidenote: is this early stage terrible twos? save me now] Again, I am hoping that a huge part of everyone's 'blahs' lately are due to a need for change in season. Cool walks, football, and holiday activities are all great things to do together, and I can't wait.

5. Babies

Speaking of babies and the one I have that currently having me on the verge of tears with his schedule and behavior, I am borderline insane and am dealing with some baby fever. Perhaps it is because I often would like to replace my current baby with a less mobile, less vocal newborn ;-) Gimme all the sweet squishy babies, I am surrounded by two pregnant ladies at work and I am all jealousy when they talk about their pregnancies. Talk to me down the road when I am dealing with morning sickness and I'll let you know if I still have these feelings!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! There is nothing better than knowing you have survived the first half of the work week, and are officially on the downward swing to another weekend. This Wednesday I was greeted with breezy, zero humidity 65 degree weather, and I couldn't help but walk out to take a deep breath and enjoy the fall-like weather after a few weeks of not so nice, hot and sticky weather. Today I am linking up for 'What's Up Wednesday'!
1. What we're eating this week

For some reason, whenever I am on a 'break' from school, I somehow become less organized. Maybe I am just maximizing free time, or catching up on the 1000 hours of sleep I am behind, but unfortunately meals fall by the wayside. I did manage to prep this crockpot meal and make it Monday, and leftovers have been used for lunches and to serve to baby throughout the week. The beauty of meals like this is I LOAD them up with vegetables, it seems to be the only way to get my little guy to eat them! Check out the recipe here.
 Slow cooker chicken burrito bowls
2. What I'm reminiscing about

I have been doing a lot of thinking to last fall when I was on maternity leave. My baby is a few days shy of turning one, and I am going through the typical 'how does the time go so fast where did my baby go why can't I slow things down' phase. I mean, my squishy little boy is turning into a little toddler, and it just about breaks my heart in two to realize I'll never get to squish a 'baby' Jackson again.

3. What I'm loving

I am loving the weather today! I live in Minnesota, and there is a reason for it. I do not like the heat. Honestly, anything above 80 degrees usually has me feeling cranky (unless I am at the lake, then I don't mind so much). Just to wake up with a reprieve from the humidity today was incredible, and starting next week we are looking at some highs in the upper 70's, cooling off into the 50's at night. My favorite kind of weather is just around the corner!

4. What we've been up to

Prepping and planning for little man's birthday, preparing for my sister in law's baby shower, chatting with my brother in law about his wedding next year..lots of exciting, life changing events are happening! I have also been on a ridiculous hunt for halloween/christmas pajamas for little man already. I have a problem.

5. What I'm dreading

Going back to school in four weeks. I say this with mixed feelings. I am dreading going back and giving up two nights a week again, but I am also eager to go back and just get it done. I have eights weeks of the twice a week thing, and then I cut down to once a week for the final eight weeks of the semester. I can do this, and to a certain extent I can't wait for my break to end; come Christmas, I will officially be school free and able to enjoy life without a degree hanging over my head!

6. What I'm working on

Piecing together everything I need for Jackson's birthday party this weekend. I am also working on a crochet project for my new nephew that I am so excited to share when it is finished! And, the holiday planner in me has a Christmas gift that I am already plotting and have supplies purchased for. Give me all the spices, holiday movies, and warm fuzzies!

7. What I'm excited about

I am sounding like a broken record here, but I am so excited for little man's first birthday party on Sunday! I am counting the seconds to when I get to watch him dive into his cake :-)

8. What I'm watching/reading

I just downloaded my first official book onto my Kindle!..and of course it is 'Grey'. Hey, what can I say. It is easy reading, I know the characters, and I need something I can get through before I head back to school.
I also have the itch to start watching 'The Office' again. We have watched the entire series beginning to end three times, and whenever it isn't on rotation in my life, I feel a little sad. It is seriously the best show ever, I love it!

9. What I'm listening to

Nothing new, lately. I did throw it back to some old school Taylor Swift this week, and have yet to find a song of her's that doesn't get stuck in my head!

10. What I'm wearing

Work clothes and lounge clothes, and not much in between. A few items I have been living in are these shorts that I picked up for a steal at Target this summer. They are probably my favorite jean shorts I have ever owned. And these are from Old Navy. Go buy them in every color. They are so comfortable, cheap, and soft. They have been on heavy rotation, especially through all of the summer heat lately. 

11. What I'm doing this weekend

Have I mentioned I have my baby's first birthday party this weekend?????? Cooking, baking, cleaning, and decorating for that basically eat up the entire agenda this weekend.

12. What I'm looking forward to next month

Cooler temps, the return of pumpkin spice lattes, Sunday afternoon football with chili and homemade bread, and saying adios to hot and humid weather!

13. What else is new

Life has been pretty basic lately. We are just rolling with the punches, working, still trying to sell our house, and raising a little monster man in the process. Hopefully one of these days I will have more concrete and exciting updates regarding where we are at with the home buying/selling process!

That is it for me lately. What has been up with everyone else lately!?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Weekend!

Once again, I sat down to wrap up the weekend and realized I am a failure at taking pictures. I swear I used to take an obscene amount of pictures, but I suppose trying to keep up with an almost one year old will do that!

Linking up with MegBiana, and Ashley today!

Friday was started off quite nice. As I was getting ready for work, I heard a CRASH, thump, thump, thump. Yep. Baby stood up, pushed over his gate, and rolled down the stairs. I was convinced he was going to be so hurt, but we escaped with nothing besides a little rug burn on his nose. Does anyone know how to keep a baby gate in place without drilling holes into the wall!? He seriously LOVES standing up against it, and no matter how I try I can't keep him away!
Aside from that, we survived the work day and went out on a family dinner Friday night to Boulder Tap House. Great food, but we did agree we might be entering the phase of not bringing our little guy out to dinner. Loud, messy, and squirmy makes for a distracted and rushed dinner for mom and dad!

Saturday Mike had to to do some work at my in laws place, so Jax and I did our usual weekend morning run, and went into town to make some returns and run a few errands. I actually made it away with making returns and NOT buying more, which had me impressed with myself ;-)

The afternoon was set aside for going to Mike's cousin's grad party. It was fun to see all of the extended family. Everyone has little kids, so it is just crazy to see how much they have all grown and let our little guy interact!

Sunday, we snuck out on another morning run before the humidity got to be too much. Seriously, how do you people down south do it!? We usually get 3-4 weeks in July and Aigust every year with 80-90 degree temps, and I hate it. Give me 60 degrees, boots, a sweater, and a pumpkin spice latte all day, every day. To beat the heat, we spent the afternoon at the in laws and just lazed around, played with the kiddos, and even snuck in a nap. My sister in law showed up and we also did some planning for a baby shower, which I am already excited for, it's going to be so cute!!

I also realized I had $40 in Gap rewards so I scooped up a few goodies, with the star being these jammies. 

And my actual bill was $1. Win!

Sunday night we had a longgg battle to get the little guy to bed, so we were in bed right away after that. Babies are exhausting!!

This week will be busy, because next weekend is someone's first birthday party!! I really need to get on top of things and make sure it all is in order! How was everyone else's weekend?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites

T.G.I.F. is all I have to say. Some weeks are long, but this one was longer. Usually I am thrilled to have a career and get excited about where I am goin, but I caught myself dreaming of being a stay at home mom more than once this week. Sometimes trying to do it all just gets hard. I don't see life slowing down anytime soon though.m, so we just keep rolling with it! On another note though, as always I have some new things I am digging. I am linking up with the ladies below today!

1. Sparking Pink Grapefruit Smirnoff Ice.

If you are into fruity, crisp, and light, this is the drink for you. I am all about grapefruit, and this is seriously my new favorite treat at night. These are absolutely delicious.

2. Fringe Scarf

I didn't go crazy at the Nordstrom sale, but I did pick up a few items, and this was one of them. I just received it, and absolutely love it. It has me feeling all sorts of excited for cozy fall weather so I can wear it. It is lightweight, soft, and such a nice color. And you seriously cannot beat the price. Scoop it up while the sale is still happening!

3. Wayward Pines

I think I have talked about this show before, but OMG I love it. I am so sad that it is over, I was enjoying ending my Thursday nights with it. I don't think it was picked up for a second season, but it was left wide open with a bunch of what ifs, so we will see! But summer series wrapping up is semi exciting because that means new shows are starting, which means the fall lineup isn't far off, am I right!?

4. This dress

As many of you know, Old Navy has been killing it all year. Last week my cardholder status earned me 40% off and I scooped this dress up. The color is so bright and fun, and the dress looks great with a skinny gold belt. Love love love it.

5. Clingy Baby

Ok not sure if this is a 'favorite', but I am my baby's favorite person. This means I no longer shave my legs or dry my hair because little hands bang on the bathroom door as cries are bellowed until I emerge. Me time is literally nonexistent lately. At least he gives good cuddles...

That's it for me this week, have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Workwear Wednesday

I realize my blog begins with style, and I rarely, if ever, have actually documented my fashion. Woops. My bad. I am so busy snapping adorable pictures of my little man that to be honest, any photos of myself have fallen off of the radar. However, I have decided to try documenting some of my workwear, because this is what I am in 90% of the time. And because workwear is what I am usually forced to wear, nearly every clothing purchase made must pass the 'can I wear this to work' question. A tank top might be adorable and catch my eye, but if I can't wear it to work there is a good chance it will make it out of my closet once every few months, at best. Workwear that can be turned into weekend wear is where it is at!

White jean jacket (Gap Factory, similar here) // dress (Hatley, old) // shoes // red belt (old, similar here)

I bought this dress last summer to wear to my baby shower, to match my little man's nautical nursery theme. I expected to wear it pregnant, but due to my party crasher, I wore it one week post baby, and it worked well that way too! 

For work, I throw on some wedges and a jacket and call it good to go. This outfit is perfect for more casual office days during the summer months when the heat kicks in and being comfortable is my (let's me honest) top priority!

Stop back next week for more of my work wardrobe and ways that I transition pieces to work on the weekend, too!
Linking up with Holly today!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Weekend: Summer Lovin

This weekend, like all others, seemed to just fly by. It was a pretty busy weekend for all of us, but a lot was accomplished and it was definitely a good one! Let's jump right into it with some link ups to Meg, Biana, and Ashley today!

Friday for work we filmed a safety/active living video. It was great..minus the humidity. Of course we filmed the scene that they asked me to be in, 3 hours of 100% humidity in my hair later. I can't wait to see how cute those parts of the promo video look...note the sarcasm. The kids we worked with were just adorable, and it was a lot of work, but fun. I love having a job that gets me out and about doing different things. Due to another week of funky hours, I was able to head home once the shoot wrapped around 1pm, and I enjoyed a HOT walk outside with little man and my parents. The rest of the night we hung out at home, until I left to meet my FUTURE sister in law for dinner and drinks. It is still so crazy to realize a friend I have known since high school is the one ending up as my sister in law. It was a fun dinner of wedding talk, dress talk, and family talk. I am grateful she is the girl Jeff has brought in to the forever family :-)

Saturday, we had a home showing so we were up and out pretty early. We ran to Old Navy to grab some goods for later in the afternoon, and then me and the little man went for a run in town around my parent's neighborhood. My parents moved my brothers things down to Iowa over the weekend (and retrieved my hijacked work computer--yay!), so I was at their place to let the dog out for a bit, and my friend Ally was up from the cities visiting, so we grabbed lunch, sat by Jackson in his kiddie pool, and enjoyed chatting. Of course between the dog and a baby I seriously felt like 'that mom' who was half distracted the whole time. Mom problems, for real. To all of my friends who don't have a clingy baby glued to them 24 hours a day..I apologize!
Saturday afternoon, we met up with my favorite girl Amanda for some one year/family pictures. And, Jackson was a grouch, just like the last time. Regardless, the girl is a rockstar and I am already swooning over the sneak peak images she sent me. I am getting as many casual sessions in that I can before the girl makes it big and is booked solid, she is so talented! Amanda Baloun Photography is getting better and better, and I am so happy to have this girl capturing the special moments in our lives.
A teeny sneak preview, because I couldn't resist!

Sunday Mike went fishing and me and the babe lazed around half of the morning. I had been debating getting Jackson a My First Chair from Pottery Barn, and I got an email saying they were all on sale, plus I had a 10% off code. To top it off, the navy color only (which is the one I wanted) was marked down to $30, from what is normally $89. That is the biggest markdown on them I have ever seen. I pulled the trigger without blinking. And now am so excited for it to arrive!

After eating some chocolate chip pancakes and watching some cartoons, we headed to Target for our weekly grocery and errands run. We followed that up with swinging by for a visit with my sister, where baby napped away on the couch while we chatted and watched Say Yes to the Dress. Two (three including my sister!) of my favorite things.
We eventually headed home, had some lunch, and went for a super long walk around our neighborhood and to the gas station so I could cool off with an iced coffee on the last half mile home while baby took another long snooze. 
We finished off the evening with lasagna, a bath for baby due to making a mess with said lasagna, chocolate banana smoothies, and checking a few work e-mails. It was a busy weekend, but a lot was accomplished and we are ready to go with this week! I have big plans, mostly including finalizing the details on my little mans first birthday and getting going with planning on my sister in laws baby shower! Life keeps happening, and I swear I can barely keep up!

What did everyone else do this weekend??

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

This week was a short work week for me, but I am sooo thankful for the weekend. After having Monday off, work Tuesday morning was met with the realization that my father packed my work computer into my brother's car for his move to another state. Enter hysterical me here. Fortunately my employer is awesome and hooked me up with a temporary computer this week, and also fortunately my parents are moving the rest of my brother's things down to Iowa this weekend so I will have my computer back come Monday. Still, this weekend is welcome and I am excited to have some time to recover from a hectic week!

1. The Nordstrom Sale

Obviously as a non-cardholder, I am late to the game, but you can bet I stayed up late to pull the trigger on a few purchases now that it has opened to us [non cardholder] peasants. This and this made it into my cart. And now I am all sorts of excited for fall. We haven't even had a true heat wave in Minnesota this summer, but I am already wishing away the 80 degree weather. Sunny, breezy, and 60 year round would make my heart so happy. If any of you know where I can mo0ve to make that happen, I am all ears!

2. Water bottle theft
This week this guy discovered my water bottles and decided they are superior to his sippy cups. I really don't want to share but my gosh is he adorable!

3. Long Tall Sally

I have never tried this store (yes, I am 6 feet tall and have never checked out the tall girl store). This past week though, I finally took the time to check out their website and found these babies on clearance for $29! They are on their way to my house right now :-)

4. These pretty earrings
I have seen a number of other bloggers post about these and just received them in black and pink yesterday. I love them, and I also love the price tag. Blogging has brought me to so many new trends and items I woudl have otherwise not found. So, thank you all!

5. Seasonal Baby Jams

I have made it pretty clear I am all about the baby pajamas. On Monday when we made our way to the Mall of America I couldn't resist picking these jammies up in Carter's. First off, I have been missing the footie jams and the fleece jams. Second, both are all about the sports and have me so excited for some lazy Sundays watching football and eating soup, chili, and hot dip. Have I mentioned that I LOVE fall??

6. Photoshoots

We are having family portraits taken tomorrow because we are coming up on little man's first birthday in two short weeks. I am so excited to document our little family of three. Things are always changing and who knows where we will be at next year at this time. Another baby? A new house? Perhaps exactly where we are with little changed? Regardless, there is something so special about taking the time to capture how wonderful our lives are in this very moment. I am crossing my fingers that the weather cooperates and we don't get rained on!

What is everyone else loving this week? Is anyone else as excited for fall as I am!?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Coming to Terms with an almost-Toddler

We are less than three weeks from his first birthday. Three weeks. Being pregnant sometimes seems like a lifetime ago, but other times I swear I blinked and the swing and bassinet were just packed away yesterday. I can say this because the feeling of heartbreak tearing down the bassinet, even when my baby was still so little, was so powerful I about lost it. Knowing the baby days are coming to an end breaks my heart into a thousand little pieces. Watching a baby grow is truly the most bittersweet experience there is. While it hurts like nothing else to know your baby will  never be as little or innocent as they are right now, watching them meet milestones and learn to think is like watching a miracle unfold. How did that little person who couldn't lift his head progress to a babbling, crawling, slobbery kiss giving little person. When did we exchange angelic coos for silly giggles? It all runs together and you think nothing of it. And then one day, that sweet little noise they used to make no longer comes out. I distinctly remember in his first month, every time Jackson would cry it sounded like he was laughing. We called it his 'joker laugh'. When did he stop doing that? I honestly have no idea. Even those moments you sometimes wish away do end up being something you miss once they are gone.
How can this much change in one little year??

Something about the first birthday just hurts. It hurts really bad. I have spent a good deal of this first year with a not so good sleeper telling myself rough patches are only a phase, and that one day I will sleep again. But sometimes I reflect and wish I had just enjoyed those sleepless nights more (of course I still have time with this one...) of course that is MUCH easier said than done. I can't wait to see all of the things my baby boy learns in the months to come, but I kind of want to lock us in a room together and cuddle and giggle and watch him sleep while breathing in his sweet baby smell. I think babies take 18 years to reach adulthood because we literally would not be able to survive if their independence wasn't gradual and if it happened all at once. I have also come to realize that he will forever be my baby. Always. I will hold him when he cries and laugh at his jokes and make him his favorite foods forever, just so I can see his perfect smile as the result of something I did for him.
So having an almost toddler. I'm doing it. Whether I like it or not, my baby is growing up, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad about it. Yesterday we were out to lunch and he met another little baby girl. And as adorable as it was, I died a little inside knowing one day he will walk away from me and to another. For now though, this baby boy is mine and I'm loving every second of his almost toddler life.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our weekend: hot hot hot

Is there any better weekend than when Monday rolls around and it is still your weekend?? I think not! I am super excited to head down to the Mall of America with my mom and sister today for some shopping and girl time. I purposely picked today as our outing to reward myself for surviving school..only one semester to go! Our weekend was pretty simple but time off is always good time in my book.

Friday I had gotten extra hours in and snuck out of work in the early afternoon. I went to pick up my little man, and I was faced with the decision whether to go home (which is nearly half an hour out of town) to let him take a nap or kill time in town and hope he would nap in his stroller before meeting my sister in law and nephew for dinner. and I am pretty sure I chose the wrong option. We went in Barnes and Noble to check out some baby books and split a vanilla bean frappe, and then went to some other stores but the kid just refused to sleep. 
This all resulted in a grouchy little boy at dinner. And my chicken sandwich arrived raw. Legitimately undercooked, still translucent and pink, raw. Needless to say that got sent back and I ended up picking off of Jax's breakfast plate because I didn't want to wait for a new meal. Sigh. At least we got 20% off our order! 
After dinner, we came home and played, watched cartoons, and after over two hours finally went to bed. Some days having a baby boy is exhausting!

Saturday we woke up and cleaned our house, and I was able to sneak out for a run before it got too hot and humid. Then, my sister and I had a sister date with lunch and some window shopping. I just love spending time with her, I am so lucky to have a sister. 

The remainder of Saturday was spent cleaning and enjoying a grilled dinner. 

Sunday we cleaned some more, and booked out to my in laws so we could have another (unsuccessful) open house. I absolutely despite the home selling process, by the way. It was sooo humid and muggy, with storms forecasted for Sunday night, so it was really just a kind of gross day weather wise.
Sunday evening was low key, spent whipping up some fettuccine alfredo and spending way too much time wrestling our little guy to bed, per the usual.

How was everyone else's weekend?! Hopefully more pleasant weather!

Linking up with MegBiana, and Ashley today!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Wednesday Confessions

I feel like I don't do posts too often to just get out the many random thoughts bouncing throughout my head. And you guys, I have a lot of random thoughts. A lot of feelings. Just a lot of things. Sometimes it really helps to write it down and put it all out there, so here I am with my confessions as of late.

A lot of big changes are going on with the family lately. Some I am excited about, some I am unsure about, and some I wish just weren't happening. Regardless, it is a lot of change. A lot of big change. More life events happening now than have gone down in the past 5 years total. I feel like I am doing a lot of 'smile and nod, smile and nod' and trying my best to roll along.

Due to said changes, my mind has been super preoccupied. When major life changes are happening all around, it is hard to focus on work. Or school. Or anything that requires me to sit down and focus. Hence my complete lack of focus.

I started back up with school after three glorious weeks off the end of June, and am officially done today, after which I will be able to enjoy six glorious weeks of summer break before I go back for one final semeseter. You guys, I will officially have my MBA this December, and then I am saying adios to school for good! SO. DARN. EXCITED. I just might be wishing away summer and fall. Don't hate, I got my priorities.

My baby is busy, and it wears me out. I thought having three weeks off of class would mean more cleaning, organizing, and staying on top of groceries. Nope. Our house has been a mess, I have barely folded and put away laundry let alone organized, and we have eaten an embarrasing amount of pizza lately. Such is life with a 10 month old, I guess.

We have started on a new healthy eating kick (bye-bye, pizza). Mike is doing Isagenix again, which to be honest I am not sure what I think about. I am an advocate of eating healthy and getting all of your nutrients through food, but then again if a system like this jump starts some healthy eating and works for him, who am I to say no. Of course, healthy eating for the hubby means healthy eating for the wifey..and I could majorly go for a DQ blizzard right about now.

I am finally getting assigned some projects at my new job, and I am SO excited. In my old job, we were not well known to the community, got little public recognition, and just struggled to get out there. To be apart of a group that has people lining up to work with us is a very foreign experience to me, but I am loving it. Every day I am more positive that I made the right career choice, and this job is going to help take me to where I want to be.

Speaking of where I want to be..sometimes, I really just want to be a stay at home mom. I also know realistically that probably isn't my true calling..I love my baby more than anything in the world, but I love the feeling of purpose and contribution my job gives me. That being said..if I could provide for my family the way I want to on the salary earned working 20 hours a week..sign me up! 40 hours a week makes for a nice paycheck, but those weekdays off sure would be nice, too.

I could really use some days off. After taking a maternity leave and coming back right before the holidays, my vacation and time off was practically nonexistent. I have built it back up to a good spot, but am now already stockpiling my vacation days in anticipation of baby #2 (not pregnant). I feel like until my children are into toddlerhood and vacation days are no longer reserved for taking care of sick babies and preparing for pending babies, my vacation bank is basically a 'take care of baby time' bank. One day, I will take off a full week of work, just because the vacation time is there and I can. One day.

My blog is ugly. There, I said it. I mean, I like the color and layout well enough, especially considering I put a good amount of time to it back when I was on maternity leave. I have been debating finally biting the bullet and purchasing a template to make it look more legit, though. I just haven't been able to pull the trigger, though. 

I do not get the whole Lilly Pulitzer thing. I'm sorry, but I think it looks like the stuff I have always steered clear of in department stores for fear of looking too grandmotherly. I can get on board with the fun, bright colors, but I don't like the patterns, I don't like the cut and design of the dresses, I just don't like any of it. Which is fine, because it's expensive and I probably wouldn't be able to justify paying for it, anyway.

So many thoughts running through my head lately, but it's always great to it out into blogland. Everyone else, spill. What are some confessions we are all dying to get out!?

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Eleven Months.

He will be one next month. Don't wanna talk about it. Maybe if I close my eyes and plug my ears he will stop growing? Probably not. I have had multiple strangers come up and comment on how cute he is..and then they guess his age and the magic number is two. Two. My precious little not even one year old looks like a two year old to the stranger's eye. Please don't judge my 'two year old' for being unable to walk. Or talk. He is right on track, no really.
This month has been our typical busy, busy, busy, and between work, school, and baby, we are all ready to enjoy a legitimate 'summer break' watching our little man grow and explore.

Age: 11 months
Height: 32 inches. 100th percentile.
Weight: 25 pounds. 95th percentile.
Milestones: Holding our hands and walking across the room, and now independently walking without us and with his push and ride puppy, which is a whole new opportunity for him to topple over sideways. He has also started standing independently when he thinks he is cool and decides to let go of whatever he was holding onto.
Another milestone: drinking from a straw! Which makes getting him to drink water on hot days MUCH easier!
Sleep: He is still a monster at night. We had about a week reprieve after his last two teeth popped through where he slept though the night. And now he is being a naughty turkey again. Our biggest problem is whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night he literally demands to nurse. Which I have repeatedly tried to get us away from. Not sure if he is cutting another tooth or what, but everyone in our house is desperate for a full nights sleep.
Best Moment: watching him walk alone (with the help of his puppy..) across the room! Fun to see him make progress towards walking!
Worst Moment: he tried to stand in the bathtub and wiped out, biting his lip and bleeding. That was fun! And did I mention how awesome he has been sleeping???
Health: good! His next physical is in August but he has been healthy and on track for everything!
Eating: A few weeks ago he started outright refusing what little baby food he was still eating for breakfast. He is 100% table foods, and loves breakfast foods like pancakes and waffles. He also LOVES pastas and soups, or any of our meals that have a lot of flavor.
Teeth: 6. I have no idea how frequently teeth pop through once they have them so I'm going to have to research when to expect teeth and how often we will be  dealing with teething symptoms. I hope he learns to better deal with teething and not keep us up at night every time he is cutting a tooth. 

And there we have it. Eleven months. Literally a few weeks away from a toddler. I'm excited and sad and a little scared, he is only getting busier every day. We love our fun, silly, precious boy!
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