Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favorites-Last of July

Happy Friday, friends! I am going to be keeping today short and sweet, because it is wedding weekend! My little brother is getting married, so this weekend is going to be a busy one! I am off of work today to help out with any last minute things and to hang out with my boys. Cheers to a long weekend!

1. Ruffle Tank
I scooped up this pretty asymmetrical ruffle tank from Nordstrom's sale, and am so in love! I am obsessed with the pretty pink color, and all of the delicate detailing. And, even though it has an asymmetrical look, it is modest enough that I can definitely wear it to work!
I posted a photo on Instagram this week and I got SO many comments on my jeans. They are from American Eagle, and are high rise and super stretchy. And, they are on clearance for less than $30! I highly recommend them!
3. Bedroom Décor
You guys, I finally got some wall décor for our master bedroom! While the room as a whole is pretty put together, it just isn't quite complete yet. I got this through Dear Lily Mae and am super impressed with it. I cannot wait to get this sign hunt above our bed, and then my new mirror above our dresser. I love how it is the little details that really make your house feel cozy and like home.
4. Patio
 Mike finished our patio last weekend! That man has a labor of love into this project. He worked for eight hours last Saturday in the terrible humidity, and then twelve hours straight on Sunday. He literally came in for five minutes for two meals, and worked straight through all day. He did such a good job, and I definitely need to treat him to dinner or something, because the hours he put in ended up being a LOT. But you guys, it turned out so great! We don't have any furniture out there yet, but both boys have already enjoyed getting to go in our back yard and eat popsicles after dinner ;-) I plan to share our whole process to this project sometime in the near future, so be on the lookout!
5. Brothers
These guys. They try to kill each other about 75% of the time. But when they decide to be sweet together, it literally turns my heart into a puddle. Jackson led Lincoln around our yard holding his hand the whole time, and I pretty much died.

And with that, I am off to do all of the wedding things! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Coffee Talk

Whew. You guys. I am still here!! I swear I have weeks where I get back in somewhat of a groove with blogging, but then I fall right back off. I blame summer. And parenthood. And lots of time spent playing outside. And to be honest, I'm not one bit sorry about that. I love this little space, so much. But I remember when I first started out, and ladies would take a summer hiatus, or would announce they were leaving for a bit, and I always wondered why. But sometimes, the writing just doesn't come. I haven't had any AHA moments that left me feeling inspired to share a story. I have some fun progress around the house and updates on the boys that I want to share, but I just haven't been able to sit down and get it done. Sometimes we all just need a breather. But one thing I can always do, is ramble. Oh can I ramble. So, if you want to hear the random scatterings that run through my head on the daily, grab your morning cup of coffee, and read on!

If we were having coffee...

I would tell you that this summer has been SO BUSY. Owning a house and putting time and effort into it is seriously a full time job. Owning nearly five acres pretty much is a full time job. My husband is out and about doing odd and end things pretty much every evening after work. I am learning quickly that, in a house, the work never really ends.

Our biggest project of the summer is completed, and we finally have a patio in our backyard! Having that big huge yard but nowhere functional out back to set things was getting to be frustrating and, frankly, kind of sad. I get giddy every time I look out the kitchen window and see our pretty new spot. And to open that door right off the dining room table and be able to walk right out onto the patio..I am in heaven. We are doing a happy dance because we will finally be able to leave our grill outside and start eating al fresco with the kiddos!

I already mentioned this above, but my writers block this summer has been bad. The words just aren't flowing. I feel like I am not the only one thinking this way, because I have seen LOTS of you out there mention the summer slump. I promise myself repeatedly that I won't write content that doesn't feel genuine, but at the same time, leaving this place silent for too long starts to feel like I am giving it up, which I most definitely am not. Sigh.

I know part of the summer slump has been the fact that we have so much else going on. We have really just been living and enjoying life this summer. Saturdays spent playing in the pool and hanging out with family. Watching our boys grow and learn and play. Welcoming a new niece and nephew. My brother getting married. Real life has been so exciting, even though Stang&Co has not!

Speaking of my brother's wedding, he gets married this Saturday. I knew with them only having a four month engagement it would go quickly, but I still cannot believe the day is already here! I just love my soon to be sister in law, and the precious couple that the two of them are. This is the first big family wedding besides my own, and I'm already pretty sure I will need all of the tissues!

Jackson turns three next week. THREE. I do not even have words to describe how I feel about this. He has so quickly lost all that was still baby about him and is a full fledged little boy. While my heart breaks over this, I also melt every time he tells me a story in his sweet little voice. He will recount his day to me on the drive home from daycare, and I find myself in disbelief that this little person that I created such a short time ago is telling me all about his life. Motherhood is such an amazing thing.

I seem to just be heading down the emotional path here, so I think this is a good place to stop ;-) For all of those who are still following along, thank you! This place continues to be an outlet for me, and houses so many special memories that I treasure being able to look back on. I know I will continue writing for that exact reason, so between a wedding and birthday festivities, know you will surely be seeing me around a bit more soon! :-)

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites-Mid-July

Hooray for Friday! Is anyone else in total shock that we are already only a week out from August. Where has this summer gone!? I remember as a child always getting sad at this time of summer because I knew the school year was so close; and then for awhile I really didn't care ;-) Now that I have kids, I am back to wanting to soak up every bit of summer that I can. Of course, the arrival of my favorite season, and a job that doesn't give me summer vacations makes it all ending a bit less salty. Anyways, enough of my tangent, I will move right onto my favorites today!
1. Bracelet
This week I received a new bracelet, and it has a plate that is engraved with a bible verse. I am so in love with it! It is subtle, but such a special reminder to glance down at and remember throughout the day.

2. Nordstrom Sale
You guys, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially open to the public! Yesterday I founded up all of my favorites; there are SO many good items I am dying to get my hands on. I apologize in advance, wallet ;-)

3. Ombre Tank
You guys, I have seriously found my new favorite tank top from Pink Blush. It has pink, ombre, tassels, and fringe. I seriously cannot get over how much I love it! I love everything from Pink Blush, but this has been my favorite piece to date!
4. Mirror
I have been on the hunt for some mirrors to start filling the many empty wall spaces in our house. But go figure, they are expensive. I am a bargain hunter, and so regardless of size, I cannot justify spending anything about, like, $40. Our master suite is all white and gray, and I swung through Burlington Coat Factory and found this gem! It was only $29! I was so excited and scooped it up immediately. We are planning on hanging it about our dresser. Now, a question for you all; how do you place a full length mirror in your home!? I would love to have one, but really can't even begin to figure out where I could put one where it fits in and doesn't seem out of place!
Pardon all of the smudges. And the unmade bed, And the toy lamb on the floor ;-) Just keeping it real, guys!
5. Pink Drink
I have known about Plexus and have wanted to try it for some time, so I was so excited when my friend Elizabeth asked me if I was interested in a few weeks ago! I have been having the famous 'pink drink' for about a week now; it has been clinically proven to help in weight loss, but more importantly it produces the growth of good gut microbes and overall improved GI health. Most of their products are also non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, and have no caffeine. And okay, most important, it seriously is YUMMY! I have been looking forward to drinking it every day because it is so delicious. If you have ever thought about giving Plexus a try, I would say you absolutely should!
 I hope you all have the best weekend. We (and okay, by we I mean Mike) will be finishing our brand new patio! So, I think a grill session and meal outside is going to be on the agenda when that is all said and done. I cannot wait to share the final product!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nordstrom Sale! Roundup For the Public Sale

As much as I would like to, I am not one of the lucky Nordstrom Card holders. You're welcome, husband ;-) Despite giving it a thought (or three), I held off and decided to wait to do any shopping until the sale opens to the public. And tomorrow is the day! There are so many awesome pieces during the sale this year that I am dying to get my hands on! This sale is seriously the best. I don't think I can think of another sale that puts brand new items on sale when they are released, before returning them to their regular prices in August. This is the perfect opportunity to snag up any fall goodies you may be wanting before the season arrives!

Similar to the popular option from last year, this striped tee is so cute! I love a classic black and white stripe, and I am always so happy with the items this brand rolls out. I am dying to get my hands on this v neck sweater. Again, I am all about classic pieces, and I am speaking from experience when I say these will get there worth in wear, and then some! The coveted blardigan is once again included in the sale, and I am shocked there are still some in stock. If you are wanting one, do not hesitate to get it! One of my favorite fall staples is a plaid shirt, and I love the feminine cut and details on this one; and it is such a great length! You can never have too many long, cozy cardigans. This tunic may not be exclusive to this sale, but yes, I own it in five colors, and yes I wear one to work almost daily. I am in love with the blue fog color and think I need to add it to my collection. Speaking of work, my wardrobe always gets neglected and stale, and I am always on the hunt for more knit blazers, they are so professional while still being comfortable! I adore this ruffle tee, the detailing is absolutely darling. And while I am all about basic pieces, I adore this bow OTS top, I think it would be so perfect for date night with some dark skinnies! And last but not least, while cooler weather may seem like it is ages again, this moto jacket will come in handy sooner than you would think, and I love the fun, edge style!

The coveted zella leggings are once again included in this sale! Again, a piece that, if you want, you should snag while you can! And how pretty is this pink option!? These jeans have such great distressing, and are at a great price! These Madewell black skinnies come in at a great sale, and if you are looking for a more affordable black skinny, these are adorable, too! I am a huge fan of boyfriend jeans, and love the wash on these! For work I also love to wear skirts, and love the pretty foil look of this one! You can also never go wrong with a classic pencil skirt. For a fun flair, I am OBSESSED with the ruffle hem on this skirt!
Dresses have and always with be one of my favorite things to shop for. This blue sheath dress is absolutely darling and I am already plotting where I could wear it. This sweater dress is so edge while still being pretty in a soft pink color. Bell sleeves add the prettiest detailing here. This lace midi dress is gorgeous and would be so perfect to wear to a wedding. And I literally love every single detail on this dress from the stripes, to the color, to the shoulder details!

I'll stop there, before even touching on the accessories or home pieces I am lusting over! Have you shopped the sale early, or did you wait until the sale went public? What are some of your favorites!?

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stop and Smell the Roses

Is anyone else in total disbelief that we are already into the second half of July? This summer is absolutely flying, a little bit too quickly. I have said it time and again, but I have never really been a summer person. The heat, the mosquitos, I really could do without it all. But this year, something magical seemed to happen. I cannot recall every loving a summer as much as this one.
Both of my boys live to play outside. We are in our beautiful new house, and have spent this summer tackling as many outdoor projects as we can (currently in progress: our brand new patio!) We have been spending lazy Saturday's soaking up the sunshine with family while all of the kiddos splash in the pool, stopping for popsicle breaks. This summer has been a sweet one. I feel like it is a summer we are always going to remember, and yet I also have a feeling that this may only be an indication of what is to come; that life with our boys as they grow is just going to get better and better. I may be cliché, but I really feel like I have been stopping to smell the roses and recognizing just how sweet our life is lately.

I am seriously in love with this pretty pink tassel top. Seriously, how perfect is this for summer!? It is plenty long, but thanks to my height I can wear it with shorts ;-) It would be so adorable with a pair of distressed skinny jeans, or a pair of white bottoms! The pretty tie detailing on the back is my absolute favorite part-such a fun touch and SO pretty! And, most importantly, this will be perfect to throw on over a swimsuit for those long, lazy, summer days that we have been living for!
*I received this product from Pink Blush in exchange for an honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hello, hello! It has been awhile since I posted my Friday Favorites. The summer blogging slump is so, so real. Is anyone else just totally unmotivated lately!? I have such a hard time sitting down at my computer when it is sunny and there is a cold adult beverage calling my name and a kiddie pool that needs to be supervised ;-) Summer is so short, I am trying to soak in every last minute! But go figure, it is cloud and only in the 60's today, so here I am! I have plenty of exciting things I have been loving lately, so let's get to it!
You guys, I finally did it. I got a letterboard! After much searching, I finally decided to go with Mcleod Letterboard Co. Their prices are excellent, and Kimberly, the owner, is so sweet and provides exceptional customer service. I got a 16x20 board, as I figured it would provide more versatility and we would be able to use it in more ways. I cannot wait to share all of the ways we use it!!

Jackson has been all over the letterboard..and the letter O. He clearly loves to help decorate.
2. New Patio!!
This is by far my favorite thing happening right now! Last night, we officially went and purchased pavers and all the things we need to put in our new patio!! If you have followed along with our home building process, you may know that we essentially moved in with zero work being done to the yard. We didn't even have grass that we could be out on until just this past month! Our lot is huge, and sometimes it gets so frustrating to have this big, beautiful yard but essentially feel like I can't use it. I am so ridiculously excited for this patio. We will finally have a place to put our grill outside of the garage, and I cannot wait to get a table and chairs and be able to sit outside in the evening! I will be sure to share the progress as we move forward!
3. Fun office look
I recently scooped up this pencil skirt, and love it so much! The side zipper is such a fun detail that makes it a little bit edgy, and there is a great amount of stretch to the fabric while still being structured. The length is nice and long too, perfect for the office. And, it was already on sale plus I had an extra coupon, so I was able to snag it for only $23! I have to say, I think my favorite pencil skirts are all from Express; they know what they are doing!
4. My (still) Favorite Shorts!
I have shared these shorts before, but they continue to be my go-to shorts this summer. They are so unbelievably comfortable, and look great with just about everything. I cannot recommend them enough! There is a mega sale on these tomgirl shorts, too, but sizes are limited. I haven't seen them priced this low so if you see your size now is the time to grab them!

5. The Prettiest Fall Sweater
I know everyone is focused on the Nordstrom sale (I will be recapping my favorites when it opens up to us poor non-cardholders ;-) ), but other stores are totally rolling out their fall goodies, too! Gap has this adorable pink sweater and I am obsessed with the pontelle detailing. Right now, their website is an additional 40% off with code NOW, so if you are need to scoop up some goodies, today is a great day to do so!
We have another exciting weekend ahead; yard work to prepare for the pavers that we will hopefully have completed by next weekend, helping take newborn photos of my new nephew, and hopefully meeting my new niece! Five boys, and the streak is finally broken on my husband's side ;-)

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Things I Never Want To Forget

As a mother, I have experienced more emotions and stages in the past three years than in my entire life leading up to it. Some days are a whirlwind, and from the time my alarm clock goes off in the morning until we finally get the kiddos to bed, I am on autopilot, going through the motions of another day. Being a mama of little ones is a hard job. But, in all of that difficulty, all of those early morning wake up calls and bedtime battles, is more sweetness and magic than I knew existed. While I spend some days counting down the clock, I know all too well that, much sooner than I would like, I will be willing the clock to turn back. There are little things in every stage of life that are fleeting, that we don't realize we will miss until they are gone.

Some things I never want to forget..

The way that Lincoln silently plays in his crib in the morning. Unlike his older brother, he doesn't often cry to be let out. Many mornings, I am able to sneak upstairs, open his door, and the second he hears me, he sits right up with his back against the wall, and smiles his little pacifier filled smirk and I just melt.

The way Lincoln looks as a new walker. This past month he has really graduated to a full blown, steady walker, and has even attempted running a time or two (Lord, help me!) Watching his little booty walk down the hall in a diaper and those chunky thighs just about does me in.
The things that Jackson says. Oh my goodness, the things that he says. His entire vocabulary is just precious. I find myself listening to his sweet little voice and willing myself to remember exactly how it sounds. Lately, he loves to announce his opinion on anything and everything. This morning, I wore a pair of shoes that haven't gotten any use yet this year, and he immediately noticed and declared 'mommy get dose shoes at the store. Oh, me wike them. Those shoes so beautiful!' I mean, practically crying as I type this.

Jackson telling us he loves us. He has started doing it unprompted, and it is just the sweetest. One of those things as a parent that, in the throes of the baby days, you don't think you will every get to. And yet here we are, with an almost three year old who loves to tell us every last thought.

The way my boys fight. Not that I want to remember this because I enjoy it, but I hope I can one day look back and know that it was all worth it. They butt heads, and then I will turn around and find them giggling and playing so sweetly together. They are total opposites, but I love watching them be brothers.

When Jackson doesn't want to do something, or doesn't want someone else to do something, he says 'think me not' or 'think them not'. And it is just my favorite.

Also, that Jackson declares his like/love of everything. He met his newest cousin last week, and laid his hand on him and announced 'me wike this guy'. He will tell me that he loves food, inanimate objects, you name it. But gosh I love how proud he is when he tells me!

I want to remember this stage in our marriage. These past few years were tough. We brought home two babies. I went to graduate school. Mike started a new job with a rough commute. We built a new home. There has been very little time in the mix for us to focus on our marriage and each other, but we are finally getting over that hump and feel more and more like the couple we used to be, before the craziness of life got involved.

The beauty in our seasons. I have never really like or appreciated the weather we have, but this year, experiencing the new weather, a cool breeze on my face, the sight of my boys playing in the pool on a hot summer day, has all felt new and magical. I may complain about it a lot (I'm talking to you, January through March), but really, there is a lot of magic in this place that we live.

I want to remember how much fun this summer has been. We have spent many lazy weekends letting the boys splash in the pool, grilling out with family, playing yard games, and just soaking up this phase in life. When I look back on the summer of 2017, I want to remember that it was a good one.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Toddler Playtime

Ever since having kids, I have kind of loved exploring the new toy options that are out there. I swear, things have gotten SO much cooler since I was a kid myself ;-) Teepees have been all over the place the past few years, and I love it. They are such a cute alternative to kid's playhouses, providing a fun little space to have a fort or clubhouse, while still looking cute and serving as a decoration to the room, even when they aren't in use!
 We have let our kids play in teepees before, but one thing that has always been an issue for us is them getting knocked over. I am a mom of two boys, and they are all boy, rough and tough. Most of the time, it would take a few minutes before they managed to knock their teepee over. It honestly was so frustrating!
    I was so excited to work with Tnee's Tpees (fun fact: it's pronounced tee-nee's tee-pee's) because they saw the issue that left me so frustrated, so often and provided a solution! These teepees come equipped with four wooden poles that cross on the inside of the piece, so once your teepee is assembled, it provides structure and keeps it upright and intact.
 My boys seriously adore playing in this teepee. Lincoln squeals with delight whenever he sees it, and loves to be chased into it, where he hides and laughs his heart out. As is the standard with my kids these days, our greatest issue with this teepee has been sharing ;-) But for the most part, they play nice and absolutely love it! Fun bonus feature: there is a mesh window in the back, and you better believe Jackson found it right away and declared "Mommy, look a window!"
 If you are looking for a teepee for your kiddos, Tnee's Tpees is just fantastic. Not only is the structural design so smart, they also have fun mix and matched patterns, and have a style to match any personality! Their little girl options are to die for, now if only they came in my size ;-)

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Personalized Storytime

 We love storytime in our house. Our kiddos love to cuddle up with a good book and listen to us read the words on the pages. I just love seeing things through the eyes of a child. How a book can transport them to a different world, and the excitement that goes along with that, is such a precious thing to be a part of.
As my children grow and learn to understand more and more, I have found that things like personalized books can be so powerful and exciting. I couldn't wait to show Lincoln his new book, The Little Boy Who Lost His Name. It features a child who is customized to look like him (precious blonde curly hair and all). As he goes on a search for his name, he finds all of the missing letters to spell it out. It is so precious, and such a keepsake item for him to have throughout the years!

The pages within the book are bright, colorful, and so vibrant! Truly, the illustrations are absolutely darling. Of course, as with all things for Lincoln, Jackson couldn't wait to get his hands on this book and declare it as his own. I shared it with him and explained that the little boy is Lincoln, and had so much fun sharing the letters and how they spelled out his brother's name.
There are other books to this collection, and I would love to get my hands on them all. Jackson's birthday is right around the corner, and I think this one would be the perfect gift!
What are your favorite storytime books for your little ones? Have you ever tried out personalized books before?

*This post is written in collaboration with Lost My Name. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co!


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Weekending: 4th of July Edition

We are coming off of the most wonderful five day weekend! Since getting married, I aside from long weekends over Christmas I don't think we have taken more than a four day weekend as a family, and it felt so good to recharge and spend quality time together! It is back to the grind of the work week today, but three cheers for a three day work week!
On Friday, Mike and I dropped the kids off with my parents in the morning and decided to have a golf date. I cannot golf to save my life, but I rode along with Mike in the cart, and just enjoyed the peace and calm of the early morning. I just love early mornings in the summer, they are so beautiful!
After our golf date, we ran a few errands (how does that always end up being what we do on our dates!?) and then picked up the boys around lunch time. Mike smoked a chicken for dinner, and we had my brother in law and his wife over for dinner. Her due date was last Thursday, and we are still waiting on the little man to arrive! So, we saw them plenty this weekend. I kept thinking maybe a full social calendar would cause the little guy to decide to arrive, but he is still snug as a bug I guess ;-)
After dinner, Mike snuck off to my little brother's bachelor party! I got the kids to bed, and just enjoyed some peace and quiet. I threw a frozen pizza in around 10pm, which I haven't done in forever! There is something so amazing about late night pizza, isn't there!? Mike got home while I was still up, so he shared pizza with me, and we chatted before calling it a night.

I snagged this sweatshirt from Old Navy and am kind of obsessed.

On Saturday, we were up and at em and Mike tackled cleaning out the garage. Especially since we moved last year, it seems like we constantly have boxes because we are constantly having to buy things, and the clutter just builds up so fast! It looks so amazing in there and feels so clean!
On a whim, I gave both boys some haircuts. Lincoln has the most precious curls, and while it made me sad to cut them, they were getting kind of out of control, and with putting sunscreen on nearly every day and all of the messes he gets into, his hair was collecting a lot of things! I basically just trimmed it down and he still has his precious little curls. He looks SO cute, I could eat him up!

I ran some errands with the boys, which resulted in Jackson skipping his afternoon nap after a five minute snooze in the car, which NEVER happens. Our afternoon was pretty uneventful as a result; honestly it was one of those lazy days where I can't even remember what we did! I do know that Jackson played in his pool a little bit; the sun never really came out so the water was absolutely freezing! But he was as happy as could be. And after dinner, he crashed. I came down from putting Lincoln in his crib and he was on our ottoman like this.

It was only 7pm, and most nights we are lucky if Jackson is down and out at 8:30. We were so baffled with having both kids to sleep so early that we felt out of sorts! So I poured a drink, we watched the movie Logan, and had another late night frozen pizza in peace and quiet. I now know how much more sanity we would have if both kids would go to bed at 7pm, so if anyone has tricks to making our night owl go to sleep earlier, I am all ears!
On Sunday, we swung by to visit my in-laws, and when we left brought my nephew home with us while his mom was at work. He and Jackson played in the pool all morning, and had so much fun!!

Once Jackson went down for nap, I was able to bring Lincoln out in the pool. He loves the water, but usually gets overwhelmed by the bigger kids splashing and playing rough. So, he sat in the water with mama and had the best time!

I am so in love with Linky's swimsuit; so precious!

After everyone had another round of naps, people started coming over for dinner. We made smoked pork, corn on the cob, and enjoyed more pool time and sunshine.

Lincoln's first popsicle! We love Squeaky Pops-these are coated in chocolate but still come in at less than 100 calories and are made with such good ingredients. It took in awhile to get the hang of it, and then once he finished it he cried hysterically because it was gone ;-) You can find his rashguard here!
On Monday, Mike went golfing in the morning and both kids were..being kids. So once he got home, I ran to town solo with nowhere to be and nothing I needed..except a breather. ;-) After naps, we went over to my in-laws for yard games and a fire! Lincoln was pretty persistent about getting out on the court and helping daddy ;-)

Melt my heart!

Seriously with this kid. He is getting so big so fast, and so darn handsome!

Linky took a dip in the pool, is there anything sweeter than a baby wrapped up all cozy in a beach towel!?

Anddd a bottle to relax in mom's lap.
We grilled hotdogs and brats on the fire, and had fresh fruit and potato chips. The All-American summertime meal. I threw the boys into their PJs, and Lincoln once again tried to crash everyone's games.

These may be my favorite jammies ever.

Jackson's jammies are up there, too!

We made some smores, and made our way home around 8:30. Both boys went right to bed; these summer weekends are kind of the best, they wear the kiddos out!
On Tuesday, we once again spent some time over at my in-laws. It was hot and humid, and just kind of yucky outside despite the sunshine, so we played some board games inside, snacked, and took it easy. Lincoln vetoed his afternoon nap, so we decided to head straight to my parents for our 4th of July dinner rather than going home in between. Go figure, he was crabby as could be! We fed the boys, and the poor baby was literally sobbing into his food he was so tired. I layed him down upstairs and he rolled right over and zonked out, he was so relieved to shut his little eyes!
The guys played a quick card game, and we captured the obligatory family photos in our red, white and blue.

We made our way home around 6pm, and once again, Jackson crashed on the couch a solid hour before he usually goes to bed. Mike and I cuddled on the couch and watched The Office, and called it an early night with work the next morning. No worries though, our backyard neighbors set off big (illegal) fireworks until 11pm to keep us entertained ;-)

I hope you all had the best weekend! Going back to work is never fun, but a three day week makes it a little big easier!
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