Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday Gifts with Uncommon Goods

There are some people who are just easy to shop for. Kids will give you a list with the exact (and I mean exact) extensive list of toys that they would like. Girlfriends love sparkles, coffee, and cozy scarves. A giftcard to a coffee shop is perfection for teachers and daycare (because hello, caffeine.) And then there are those people who either have everything or tell you nothing. What do you buy for the person who doesn't have much for practical needs, or has interests that are a bit trickier to find a custom gift for? Enter Uncommon Goods. I was so excited when they reached out to me to partner and share their line of fantastic holiday gifts. Their name exists for a reason, these items are definitely not your every day gifts, and you won't find them on the shelves at your nearest mass retailer.

While perusing their items, I was continually struck by the fun, unique, and 'wow I never would have thought of that' gift ideas for anyone and everyone. Does a person ask for a kit to make their own whiskey? Most likely not. But, it would certainly be so fun and unexpected to receive! I have pulled together a list of my favorite items for him, her, and the kiddos!

For him:
How fun is this baseball dart board. Perfect for a mancave or to play when you have guests over. I saw these scotch infused toothpicks and immediately thought of my father, who absolutely loves scotch. I think toothpicks are such a fun little twist on his favorite drink!
I love kabobs, but despite loading everything onto skewers, so this kabob grilling set would be such an amazing gift to either give or receive! ;-) I laughed a bit when I saw this portable Table Tennis, but also think it is totally genius and such a fun item that you could pack up and bring along to things like family holidays or get togethers. Finally, I think it is pretty safe to say that all men love beer, and all men love barbeque. Put those together in this beer infused BBQ sauce, and you are golden!
There are a whole bunch of amazing gift options for men on the website, and no matter who you are shopping for there is sure to be the perfect fit!

For her:
There are so many fun gifts for her available at Uncommon Goods, too! Does anyone else hate that when you have something like grilled cheese and tomato soup, it becomes a huge hassle because you need separate plates/bowls for everything? This little soup and sandwich tray is seriously genius, and I can't believe I never thought to create something like it!
These self chilling wine glasses are perfection, because I think we all have been caught wanting a glass of wine that we forgot to stick into the refrigerator a time or two. Now that winter is upon us, I have already experienced my fair share of frozen feet, and I am swooning over these warming slippers. Have you all seen the Himalayan salt lamps that are all the rage lately? Well, combine that into a
foot care. set, and whoever receives it will be one happy lady. And finally, Uncommon Goods definitely has us covered in terms of inconvenient dishes and drinkware, because this
cookie mug holds your cookies while you drink your cocoa. Again, genius and so much fun!

For the kids:
Kiddos are often easy to shop for, but at the same time I love to gift things that aren't your typical noise making, comes in a million pieces type of gift. This birth year box is so cool, and a great way for parents to commemorate the year their little ones were born. For any mamas like me who have a little one who is currently chewing on anything and everything, these veggie teethers are a fun and adorable option! Mealtime is often a battle in our house, and I think dinner would be a bit more fun with this choo choo dining set for my toddler to eat off of. I just love creative items that make everyday things like mealtime a bit more special. And, what will make something more special than a personalized 12 days of Christmas book?

It is truly an item a child will cherish, and will become a keepsake once they have grown. Finally, I can't resist anything cute and fuzzy, and these bunny slippers are precious, and I may already be thinking about using them at the next religious holiday a few months down the road!

I was lucky enough to receive a product from the website to get a taste of the items myself, and after much searching, I finally settled on a little self care kit for my hubby! I have bottles of lotions, oils, and countless other self care items lying around the house, but I would venture to guess that, like most other men, my husband does not. I thought it would be so fun for him to have items that are made for a man, but provide a little extra pampering that he will never admit he likeS!

It came packaged beautifully, in a fun and rustic design.

All of the items included soak, hand lotion, foot salve, knuckle wax (perfect for those guys who use their hands all day at work!), lip balm, a walnut scrub, and a dry oil. I am having to practice some major self control to not dive into these goodies myself. They all smell amazing, whether you are a 'working man' or not!

I am so happy with this product, and cannot wait to gift it to my husband. Our little gifts typically consist of items we hand pick, and I am so thankful that Uncommon Goods allowed me to try out something fun and out of the ordinary!

Have you every shopped Uncommon Goods before? The items I shared only touched the surface of all of the fun and unique things they have to offer, so head on over and check them all out!

*This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Monday after a long weekend a little bit of a break from the blog world! We are back to the grind today after a long and interesting Thanksgiving weekend! It ended up starting a bit earlier than expected, as we woke up Wednesday to Jackson running a fever. It was around 101, so I immediately texted daycare so she knew we wouldn't be coming. I decided to work from home, because while my mom is the best and is always willing to watch my babies, sick little ones just need those mama snuggles when they aren't feeling the best. Despite the fever, Jackson really seemed pretty okay otherwise, which is highly preferred to colds and stomach bugs! We spend Wednesday night at home, enjoying some pizza and relaxing to kick off the long weekend.
Jackson still had a temp when he woke up on Thursday, so we decided to keep him home from Thanksgiving at the farm. We knew there would be kids there, and so again despite him acting pretty normal, we didn't want to be those parents who share! ;-) So I headed out there with Lincoln while Mike and Jackson stayed back home.
I felt bad that Jackson was sitting at home cooped up, so we went ahead and put the tree up a day earlier than planned. We didn't decorate, we just thought it would be fun for him to see all of the lights, but wouldn't you know, he spent most the time throwing a tantrum over who knows what. Terrible twos, I tell ya ;-) Lincoln enjoyed the show though!
Considering I had already exposed everyone at my parent's house to whatever Jackson had, we still went over there for dinner. And I took the obligatory turkey photo of my mom and dad. That bird is my dad's pride and joy every year! And it really is the best turkey ever.
My grandparents came over, and it was fun to watch them with Jackson. He even shared his crayons with his great-grandma while telling her all of the colors :-)

My sweet boy.
And our family photo. Including Christmas pajamas, a Vikings hat, and a proudly displayed pumpkin. Because why not!?
On Friday, I ran into town early to hit up a few stores, and seriously I think I will officially just stay home next year. Every good deal was already available online, with no crowds! I ran to Gap Factory for a specific pair of pants for the boys, and they were sold out in both sizes, so I went and ordered them online from the parking lot ;-) I did go to Hobby Lobby and found a bunch of pretty picks for myt ree that were all half off, so I scooped up a bunch! When you double the size of your tree, your old amount of decorations just don't cut it!
Mike went down to watch the state football tournament Friday night so it was just me and two crabby little boys. Once I got Lincoln down, me and Jackson laid on the couch and watched his favorite episode of Wallykazam for the tenth time of the day and looked at the lit up (and still undecorated) tree. He is just the sweetest little man, I could snuggle on the couch with him all day.
On Saturday, Mike came down with whatever Jackson had, so with one on the mend, we had another down and out. Aside from a Target run with Lincoln, we didn't do much of anything on Saturday. It is always such a bummer that the season of getting sick is also the holidays. Especially now that we have kids, I swear someone ends up being sick every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I did brighten the mood a bit with two precious little boys in another set of their Christmas jammies. I could just eat them up!
Sunday was another lazy day. We hung out at Mike's parents for a bit, and spent the remainder of the day cozied up on the couch. And it wouldn't be a Sunday night if we didn't finish it off with The Walking Dead. Does anyone else still watch it!? It has changed so much as the seasons have progressed, but it is our absolute favorite and we so look forward to it every week! It is great to have something that makes Sunday nights a little more bearable :-)

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am so excited to spend this day with family over delicious food and quality time. I am so very thankful for the man who I am blessed to call my husband, our two beautiful, healthy little boys, the family and friends that surround us, and this amazing life we have been fortunate enough to build together. In the midst of all of the craziness it is easy to get overwhelmed and wrapped up in the day to day motions, but we have so much to thankful for and could not be more blessed. I hope that you all enjoy a wonderful weekend with those whom you cherish most!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday Previews!

As we all know, Black Friday is no longer just for Friday. In fact, most of my favorite stores have already started their Black Friday sales, so there is no need to wait until after the holiday to start your shopping! I have rounded up my favorite picks from these stores, so settle in with a glass of wine, and start your holiday shopping early!

1. Express
I am always in love with the early shopping that Express offers, and starting NOW everything is 50% off, and free shipping with their online purchases! They have SO MANY cute sweaters, cozy dresses, and cute tops right now. I scooped up the blush off the shoulder sweater already, and can't wait to wear it!

2. Old Navy
You knew this was going to be here, right? ;-) Everything is 50% off! They just keep getting better and better with their products. If you are doing shopping for anyone beside yourself (which is what Black Friday is ACTUALLY for, right?) this is a great time to stock up on holiday looks for your kiddos! So. many. cute. little. things.

3. Gap
Just like Old Navy, Gap will offer 50% off of everything! This sale was a cardholder exclusive over the weekend, but it will be back in action for the long weekend, with plenty of time to get in all of your shopping. They have so many great basic pieces, and this is the best time to buy items for your little ones. You just cannot beat the prices!

Up to 50% off of cold weather apparel. Deals are marked on the website!

5. H&M
Up to 60% off, and free shipping with code 0319!


6. Target
Last but not least, Target is running their 10 days of Christmas, and there are different specials every day! Today is BOGO on frozen pizza (I know I know, but I mean come on we all love to stock pile frozen pizza!) Thursday is your typical doorbusters on things like electronics, and all apparel for everyone is 30% off! And the special I am most excited about is on Saturday, where if you spend $100 on holiday décor you get $50 off! You can't beat that!

Are there any other amazing Black Friday deals that I am missing? I love to hear where the can't beat sales are!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Holiday Decor

I am just so excited to decorate my house for Christmas this year. Especially when it comes to holiday decor, I feel like it is all a work in progress, with little bits being added year by year. What I recently realized that I never truly have used when decorating for Christmas though, is a theme. This has made adding to my holiday decor difficult, because there is so much out there, it makes it challenging to decide what to buy. I saw the throw blanket below a week or two ago, and it all kind of clicked. Plaid is totally the theme I am going with, and I am obsessed! I have always decorated the tree in shades of red, gold, and green, and so to go with tartan plaid is just perfect. I am so excited and found some awesome plaid pieces that I already have my eye on. The little stocking garland is a countdown, and you move a piece every day until Christmas. I have seen and love so many countdowns, but I think that one is my favorite to date!

Do you have a theme for your decorations during the holidays? I think it makes it so much more fun (and easy) to shop and add new pieces!

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Little Man Holiday Looks

The holidays are upon us, and if there is one thing that I like better than shopping for myself, it is shopping for my little men. I have said it before and I will say it again, I was never very excited about clothing for little boys. So many of the options out there are so cartoon-y, covered in goofy sayings, and are just downright 'blah' to me. Once I had Jackson, though, I realized there are SO many cute options out there, they just aren't often as obvious or easy to find as girl options. I so look forward to dressing my little guys in their holiday outfits, and now that I have TWO of them and can coordinate for festivities?! Be still my boy mama heart.
I have rounded up some of my favorite little man looks for the holiday season. It is all about warm sweaters, darling button ups, and stylish pants for us, and I have included options that work whether you are dressing up for church or heading to a casual family function. Most of these looks can be found at my favorites (think Gap and Old Navy), and their Black Friday sales are incredible, so this week is the perfect time to pull together the perfect holiday looks. Enjoy and happy shopping!

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy, happy Friday! The best day of the week! This weekend is a bit up in the air for us, but we have been battling colds and long nights, and I am hoping to finally have a weekend with some rest. And wine. Definitely some wine. I am already gearing up for next week, because HELLO Thanksgiving! I truly cannot believe how fast this fall has flown by, and we are officially entering the most wonderful time of the year!

1. Fresh Balsam

This is my all time favorite Bath and Body Works holiday scent. You guys, it legitimately smells exactly like a Christmas tree. I grew up with real trees in our house, but am in love with the convenience and control over look and style we get with an artificial tree. Still, I miss that balsam smell. Light up this candle, and you would never know the tree in the corner wasn't fresh off of the lot. It smells so crisp and nature-y, it is a must have!

2. Simple Cleansing Wipes**

I received these in my latest #cozyvoxbox, and love them! I am a big fan of the Simple line, and these are great for removing makeup, and I also love that I can throw them in my bag if I am ever going somewhere and may need something to wash my face. I absolutely love #influenster and receiving goodies from them every now and again. This box definitely didn't disappoint, and this was my favorite item!

3. Gap Tunic Tees
I have been on the hunt for a great long sleeve t-shirt. Last year I wore out my maternity ones, and never realized how wonderful a plain white or black long sleeve is. They wear well under vests, jackets, and sweaters, or on their own if you are just lounging around the house. I tried a style from Old Navy, and while it was okay, I wasn't sold on it, as I was looking for something a bit more fitted, with a more cotton-y material instead of the jersey feel. These are currently on sale, plus an extra 25% off, bringing the price down to around $11! I love the thick cuffs on the bottom, and also think the sideswept seam is a fun little detail. I totally snagged a few in basic colors, because sometimes nothing is more perfect than a cozy white t-shirt.

4. Polar Bear Sweater

I saw this item during the Friends and Family Sale, and I seriously obsessively checked our local Gap Factory daily until they got them in stock. They are totally sold out online, but if you have a factory store in your area, they just got them in recently and likely still have them in stock. The polar bear is actually a soft faux fur, and it is so, SO cute. I got them for both of my boys to wear on Christmas, and I am already just dying to see them rock their matching outfits!

5. Snowman jammies
I am sure everyone is ready for me to shut up about the pajamas already (sorry, the likelihood of that happening is low!) but Jackson has added snowmen to his list of current obsessions, and they rank up there pretty darn close to pumpkins. The other night, I put Lincoln in his snowman jammies, which are the baby style of the toddler jammies Jackson has. Jackson's were dirty and in the hamper, and when he saw Lincoln wearing what he thought were his jammies, he was not a happy camper. He may have tried to physically rip them off of Lincoln. I scolded myself because I should have known to not put them on Lincoln unless Jackson could wear his too, so I did a rushed load of laundry, and took them out of the dryer still damp so he could wear his matching set. My boys woke up the next morning in the most precious moods, and they cuddled on the couch and let me snap some photos where they both actually smiled! I die every day as I fall more and more in love with my sweet boys.

I am so excited for this weekend, we may be getting our first snowfall of the season! Every year with children it becomes more and more fun to experience things like seasons and holidays through their eyes :-) See you all back here next week for a SHORT work week!

**I received this item courtesy of Influenster and Simple for review. All thoughts expressed are solely my own.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Caramel Apple Sangria

Back when we had Lincoln's baptism, I mentioned that I made a caramel apple sangria, and realized that I never got around to sharing the recipe! It was seriously so easy to throw together, and was so tasty! The original recipe can be found here. It is very sweet, so my recommendation would be to add a bit of sparkling water to break down the thickness of the cider a bit. This recipe is perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner, girl's night, or any time you are looking for a drink that tastes like fall in a glass!

Caramel Apple Sangria
One 750ml bottle of crisp white wine (I used Pinot Grigio)
One cup caramel flavored vodka
Six cups apple cider
Two medium sized apples

1. Combine vodka, cider, and wine in pitcher. Stir well.
2. Chop and core the apples. Throw into pitcher, and scoop into glasses when serving.
3. Serve chilled or over ice.

That's it! Ridiculously easy to make, and so delicious. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fall Home Tour

As promised, I am excited to show a little peek into our fall décor in the new house! Slowly but surely we are building up those pieces that we love to pull out during the seasons to decorate. I have so many grand visions, and am excited every time I add a new piece. It is really quite minimal this year, with me picking up pieces here and there as they catch my eye. I am so excited to deck our house out a little bit more with every passing year and season. Jackson has about had a field day with all of the pumpkins in his life lately. For whatever reason, he calls them 'hi-ya-se-see's'. I don't know what this means, but I do know that next year when he is saying pumpkin correctly I will be a little bit heartbroken. I am trying to savor every little quirk and silly thing he says at this age, it is so much fun! On another note, most of those pumpkins have become favorite toys, or bowling balls to be thrown down the staircase. Needless to say, a lot of our décor is hidden, a lot of the time ;-) Enjoy another little sneak peek into our new home!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Family Photos 2016

After trying to do it ourselves, last minute cancellations, and finally getting things together, we have our family photos! Truth be told, I decided to be frugal and wanted to just snap some pictures for the Christmas card on our own this year. And about two seconds into having my brother in law attempt to capture us with two squirmy little boys, my husband actually put in the request that I call our tried and true photographer, Amanda. And I was happy to oblige. While photos can always seem so daunting, and are becoming increasingly difficult as time moves forward, I am always so overwhelmingly thankful to have these precious times in our lives captured in beautiful candids. We actually took these right out in our new development, which made grabbing snacks and cleaning up puked on baby clothes mid-session much easier ;-) I am so in love with our new home, and love that we were able to capture so many fun shots right in our own living room and back yard!

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