Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Toddler Table: Easy Seating

As a mom of boys, I figured I would have to eventually deal with them fighting over things. I will say, with total honesty, that I don't think I quite anticipated the fact that they would literally fight over everything. Snacks. Toys. Who gets to sit on my lap. So it only makes sense that, when I presented a new seating option at the kitchen table, both kiddos immediately wanted to claim it as their own.
 Jackson has been eating at a normal chair at the kitchen table for nearly a year, now. He loves it. We usually don't mind, save for him being able to get up and leave the table before finishing his dinner. But, the second he saw this The First Years Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Feeding Seat that The First Years Brand so generously sent to us, he was all about hopping up, getting strapped in, and sitting in his cool new chair. While I had fully intended using it for Lincoln so we could get rid of his big, clunky highchair, it seems we will be keeping things the same for now, because Jackson won't sit at the table now unless it is in his chair.
Toddler possessiveness aside, this chair is great. It is small and compact, and a simple, clean design which makes for easy cleanup. The tray can be put on, which is great for when Lincoln uses it, but you can also opt out of using the tray and it pulls right up to the table! The seat back also folds down, making this easy to pack up and throw in the trunk, perfect for when we are going to dinner at a family member's house who doesn't have a high chair.
The First Years was nice enough to throw in some cute sippy cups for the boys, as well. The smaller ones have a soft spout, perfect for Lincoln. And you better believe Jackson was all over using these new cups. Both boys have been carrying these around and drinking out of them nonstop lately. Boys will be boys, and I am constantly amazed how they gravitate towards anything with wheels!
 Pardon the sock in this photo, just keeping it real over here ;-) You can see that the seat straps from two different places to secure to your dining chair. It stays in place well, and feels very secure for both of my boys to use.
  You can find this seat at Target, in addition to plenty of other great products by The First Years!
*I received this product by The First Years in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co!

Monday, June 26, 2017


Another weekend come and gone. I am in absolute disbelief that this was the last weekend of June! I mean, seriously, how is next weekend already July. Time, slow down!
On Friday, Mike had a golf outing planned, so when I picked up the boys from daycare, I decided to veto cooking so we ran to Target to kill some time. We basically browsed the toy aisle, but our daycare pickup time of 4:30ish leaves us with that awkward window where it is a little bit too early for dinner, but it isn't worth going home for half an hour. So, we browsed ;-) Afterwards, I was planning on grabbing Little Caesars pizza, but when asked if he wanted pizza or chicken nuggets, Jax was alllll about the nugs. So, to Chick Fil'A we went! My mom happened to be in town, so she and my dad swung over to say hi. Both boys love CFA, and we all do, too. It opened in town about nine months ago, and I totally understand the hype now!
 Can I just say these stick on placemats for babies who love to throw plates on the ground are absolutely genius!?
 Just a boy and his fruit cup ;-)
Once we got home, I threw on my favorite new tank, poured a glass of wine, and tended to two rowdy little boys. We watched cartoons, cuddled on the couch, and took it easy!
On Saturday, Mike's family was butchering chickens, so before they started I brought the boys out to the farm to see the cows and play. We took the ranger out into the pasture with my mother-in-law, so we could see all of the calves. You guys, in nearly eight years with my husband, I had never actually gone off the main farm and out into the pasture, it is so beautiful. It was a cool morning with temps in the upper 50's, there was that bright morning light, everything was so green..it felt like a scene out of a movie. Sometimes I just love living a bit away from it all.
When it was time to leave the farm, we went back to Target, in large part just to bribe Jackson away. But, he loved those cows, and was having a blast feeding them, so the tantrum of the century followed. I finally got him calmed down with a bribe of a donut, and he crashed in the car on the drive home!
After naps and a late lunch, we dropped the boys off with my in-laws, and Mike and I ran some errands and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. We picked up a new pool for the boys to use next weekend, and some wind chimes. If I didn't love our yard before, sitting out and listening to those chimes may just be my new favorite thing! Once we got home and put the boys to bed, we finally watched the new Beauty and the Beast. It was so good, and I definitely had all the feels in the final scenes. It was so beautifully done, I thought it was amazing!
On Sunday, we ran to the grocery store as a family, and then spent a lazy morning and early afternoon at home. Once we got Jackson down for a nap, I headed out to the final bridal shower for my brother's fiancé! It was hosted by my aunts, so it was fun to catch up with everyone! Of course, I didn't manage to snap a single picture, I may have been too busy eating desserts and chatting ;-) I cannot believe we are already through the final shower. Only a month to go until their wedding!
Once I got home, we had pizza, were super lazy, and once the boys went to bed Mike and I watched Fear The Walking Dead. We are ready to dive into this week, we both have Friday off and then are on a long weekend through the 4th!
Happy Monday everyone, may it be quick and filled with lots of coffee ;-)

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Coffee Talk

It has been quite the summer so far. Nothing too major has happened, but I feel like I have so much on my mind lately!
If we were to sit down to coffee [preferably an iced coffee, out on the patio], I would tell you that...

Since quitting nursing, I have gained a few pounds. Nothing major, but 3-4 pounds is enough to just make you feel blah. The worst part is that I have actually been eating better, which tells me that had I not adjusted a few things that weight gain probably would have been much worse. Even still, it is pretty frustrating to make some changes that normally would result in losing weight, and instead I am just preventing further weight gain. It is definitely time for me to get back into working out if I really want to see any changes, I think.

Speaking of working out, I still haven't found my groove. While life is much less hectic than it was a year ago, we are still pretty busy. And with our endless amounts of yard work, I am pretty stuck inside with the kiddos while Mike takes care of the landscaping. I'm not complaining, but I still feel like I just haven't found that sweet spot that allows me to squeeze in exercise without sacrificing my time with my loved ones. I would take the kiddos on walks, but one of them always ends up throwing a tantrum (or a shoe) so I can never go too far!

I cannot believe how fast this summer is flying by. It felt like we were just waiting and waiting for the warm weather to arrive, and then I blinked and we are into the end of June. Summer isn't my season, but this year I wish it would slow down just a bit!

My sister in law brought this pool over when we were at grandma and grandpa's last weekend, and I need one! It is collapsible, but provides enough depth that the kids can really swim and be in the water. It comes up to their chests sitting, so while it requires a little extra supervision, I feel like it is so much more fun for them and feels more like a real pool. And bonus, it is big enough that I can sit in there with them while they splash: extra supervision and pool time for me, too!

This week, I listed a TV for sale on our local online garage sale, and I swear it brought the crazies out of the woodwork. I *stupidly* gave a person our address so they could come to the house to see it/buy it, and my brother in law then said he may want it so to please hold it. Family first, so I told the lady it was not available. She got MAD at me, and scolded me for posting the item before clearing if any person in the world that I know would potentially want it. Then she told me she 'didn't believe me'. Andddd then I blocked her. I have had multiple other people message me, some asking me questions in Spanish (and hello, we live in Minnesota here...) Just weird! Maybe it is because it is an electronic? I am about ready to say screw it and just give it to charity, but I THINK I found normal buyer. Fingers crossed...
This morning, Jackson came in my room while I was getting dressed (wearing a bra and underwear), placed his hand on my butt, smiled and me and said, 'me love your big butt!'. I think it is time to be more considerate of him seeing me when I'm not fully clothed..

I don't know if anything will top that last one for me, so that is where I'll leave it! Happy Friday Eve!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lincoln's Nursery

Well, I would call this a room reveal, but we have been in our house for ten months now, and to be honest, this room still isn't complete. The boy's rooms really took a backseat once we moved. The task of furnishing an entire house will do that. They really spend a limited amount of time in them, as they are upstairs, and our master bedroom and the toy room are both downstairs. Their rooms really are just used for sleeping, and as a result, I haven't put much priority into making them complete!
Still, I was excited to give Lincoln his own space, especially because when I brought him home from the hospital, we didn't have a house yet and I wasn't able to prepare for his arrival by planning a nursery. It felt so good to settle in and pull together some sweet colors and décor pieces for him! So, while I kept on waiting thinking I would share once their rooms were complete, I decided I love this sweet little space as it is for now!

Rather than a theme, I really just stuck to a color scheme in his nursery. Mint, gray, navy, with neutral touches were my choice, and I honestly love how they all pulled together!

 These letters are similar to the ones I made for Jackson's nursery in our old house. I just spray painted wooden letters, and used painters tape and did some free hand to create the designs!

This rug is the piece that really feels like it pulled the room together. We found it at Lorena Canals! I love LOVE the alphabet design around the outer edges! Both boys went nuts for it, but Lincoln was the lucky winner who gets to have it in his room. And bonus: it is machine washable. One of my biggest anxieties with rugs is honestly the fact that if anything gets dropped on them, they really are not something you can deep clean. I love the fact that if the boys would spill anything, or let's be real, a diaper blowout would happen, this pretty piece can go right in the washing machine without me having to worry about how to get the mess out! And, even though it is washable, it is so soft and plush.

I would still love to add a few more pieces to the room. Maybe a bookshelf in one of the corners? I have always struggled with filling the little spaces in my kid's rooms. I would love to hear your suggestions on the best pieces that could be the finishing touch!

Covertible Crib: old Delta Baby, similar here
Dresser: Ikea
Rug: c/o Lorena Canals
Crib Quilt: handmade by my talented Mother in Law!
Baby Blanket: Bizybelle
Rocking Chair: family item, refurbished
Curtains: Wayfair
Lamp: Old, similar here
Wall sign: Hobby Lobby
Wooden Chalkboard: DIY

*This post is written in collaboration with Lorena Canals Rugs. All thoughts and opinions about this AMAZING piece are solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Phone Flair and Mommy Brain

*This post is written in collaboration with CaseApp. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co!*

Time for a fun little story. For those of you that have followed along with me for awhile you may remember me sharing this last fall. Shortly after moving into our new house, I was doing a load of laundry and threw in the sheets from our bed. After starting it and walking away, I went to find my phone. And didn't see it anywhere. I searched high and low, you guys. In the living room, in the bedroom, under my kid's beds. And then my heart sank. I searched the last place it could possibly be, hoping and praying it wasn't there. But it was. There she sat, my pretty iPhone 6s. In a pool of water in the washing machine. I frantically pulled it out, dried it as best as I could, and immediately tried out the bag of rice trick. And, much to my dismay. Nothing worked. My phone was done.
Luckily, I had my old iPhone on hand, and was able to switch my account back over and start using that one right away. While I could have gone in for an upgrade, I just couldn't stomach paying off the remaining balance of a phone I wasn't even going to use anymore, just to pick up payments for a new one. So, I committed and have been using a very old phone, with very little storage available, for nearly a year.
While the phone has been driving me crazy, I am glad I stuck to using the old phone until I am eligible for a new one! Of course, getting a pretty new phone case or two is helping to hold me over, too ;-) Sometimes, you see a case and the words just speak to you, am I right? Coffee and mascara are kind of my love language. This case is so much fun and I love pulling it out!

I also knew the second I saw this marbled case that I had to have it. My phone may be old, but this case spruced it right up so much that I almost don't mind that I am constantly having to delete apps just to make room for pictures. Almost. I love having a few different options to switch out with, too. Does anyone else get bored and always want a new phone case!?  

CaseApp also allows you to customize your iPhone case! You can upload your own files, texts, and graphics. I thought this one appropriately summed up my life ;-) You can also create laptop skins, which are so much fun! I have seen people make darling photo collages of their families and friends. I am thinking I need one for myself!
With code STANGANDCO20, you can save 20% off on your phone case or laptop skin. What designs are your favorite? I would love to hear!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day Weekend 2017 & A Bachelorette

This weekend was a good one, and it was busy! I cannot believe we are already in the second half of June, summer is absolutely flying by. I feel like even though this summer is nothing compared to last (hello a newborn baby and building a house), it is still pretty busy and we are on the go quite a bit. We are having so much fun experiencing summer for what really feels like the first time with both of our boys!

On Friday, I snuck out of work and started getting everything ready for my future sister-in-laws bachelorette party! She absolutely loves country, so we went with her favorite colors and threw in some cowgirl attire for the night out! Everyone arrived in the early evening, and we had a great time playing games, enjoying some champagne, and watching the cutest video of my brother answering questions about Jenny! She is an absolute sweetheart, and we are so lucky to have her joining our family next month!


On Saturday, we went over to my in-laws in the morning. My husband and brother-in-law have become hooked on smoking meats, so they decided to try out burgers Saturday. It was one of those days that just felt like summer. The boys played outside, I got to hang out with my sisters-in-law, and we even set up the pool for the kids. My sister-in-law found this one at Walmart for $12, and it is honestly amazing! It is deep enough that the kids can really feel like they are 'swimming' in it, but easy to set up and tear down. I plan on scooping one up, it is even big enough that I can hop in there with Lincoln if I feel like it ;-)


On Sunday, we took it super easy and stayed close to home. We started the morning with the boys giving Mike his gift. I had them put their hand and foot prints on canvas, and then framed them. I cannot wait to get them hung and look at them all of the time :-) Aside from that, I ran to Target solo with the boys, Mike tackled a ton of yard work, and once we got home I cleaned the house for a few hours! There is still plenty to be done (isn't there always?) but I cleaned and vacuumed the toy room, as well as the rest of the main floor, and it is amazing what having all of the toys in their designated spot does for the soul! In the midst of it all, I even let Jax do some finger painting ;-)
We capped off the night with pizza and Fear The Walking Dead, and called it a night. This was definitely one of those summer weekends that was so wonderful and a reminder of how lucky we are!

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