Thursday, June 30, 2016


 am linking up with Danielle for some confessions today. And it has been a challenging week, parent-wise, so bear with me!

When people talk about all the books they read I am amazed and also want to laugh out loud. I can barely take a shower, let alone read a book. When I do have down time, I prefer to sit in silence and stare at the wall, marveling in the quiet. Hopefully one day I can actually get back into reading, but that day is not today.

This week I have definitely had some poor me moments of REALLY wanting my own space. I know we are so close to moving, and really I have gotten used to our current arrangement. But oh how I can't wait to have a house without a dog in it.

Speaking of dogs, one of Jackson's current favorite things to do is to poke, prod, and hit dogs, as if he is thinking 'bite me PLEASE!' And both of our parents have indoor dogs. Some days it is hard to know that no matter where I go, I will have to be on doggy duty to make sure Jackson doesn't get himself into trouble.

Yesterday I was quickly trying to pump so I had milk for Lincoln for when I took Jackson to swim lessons. As I was starting, Jackson did what he usually does and put his full body weight in Lincoln in the swing to give him 'kisses'. Cute, but obviously results in Lincoln crying. I yelled no at Jackson, who stopped, went to pick up a toy truck, and went back to bang it on his brothers head. Pump parts went flying, my poor baby was hysterical, and I locked Jackson in the bedroom for timeout which he has never had. And he spent the entire time playing and talking to himself. I am at my wits end with that kid, because he is not afraid of anything and no punishment that we have tried actually seems to bother him in the slightest.

Also this week, my husband put his hand on my back in bed. And the baby's 6th sense kicked in and he started crying. We can cuddle again when we're dead, I guess.

Fruity pebble Oreos are dangerous and I  should not be allowed to have them. The package Mike bought me on Sunday is definitely long gone.

Some days I actually want to go back to work. Which is terrible to even say because when the time to go back to work is actually here I will likely cry. But drinking coffee in silence at my desk doesn't sound too terrible some mornings!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Well, one perk of having a newborn who eats all of the time is apparently that I wake up at 4am and can't fall back asleep. So, while my blogging has definitely been slacking lately (due to the newborn I just mentioned) I am excited to actually be linking up again today for What's Up Wednesday with Shay!

What we're eating this week...As it has been for the past few months, really we eat what my mother in law makes for dinner. It has been quite the blessing in disguise living with my in-laws during maternity leave, because I haven't had to run to the grocery store, try to cook with two little ones crying for my attention, etc. Outside of dinners, I have been drinking Herbalife shakes, which are actually amazing when you are a busy mom. Some days, I literally forget to or don't have the time to sit down and eat, but to mix up a shake takes a few seconds, they are super tasty, and I at least know I am getting some good nutrition, even if I am drinking it!

What I'm reminiscing about...My first maternity leave and how different it was than this one. I am loving this new season of life, but I am not going to lie, a lot of days are tough. When you go from one to two kids, suddenly someone always needs you, and downtime really, truly does NOT exist. Jackson was the easiest baby, and my first maternity leave really did feel a bit like a vacation. This leave, while wonderful, definitely feels like work and, in fact, going to work sometimes sounds like a vacation.

What I'm loving... Baby smiles! Lincoln has really started smiling a ton in the past 1-2 weeks, and it has been great. He is a fussy baby, so to finally get some smiles out of him really does make the hard days easier. He is such a sweetheart and loves to be held and cuddled, and nothing will get him to smile faster than a 'boop' on his nose!

What we've been up to... Just trying to navigate and survive life with two little ones! Really, that is just some of it. Of course, we are building our new house, making purchases for that new house, and I am semi preparing to go back to work in about a month. On today's agenda is purchasing our washer and dryer!

What I'm dreading...I mean, does anyone ever really want to go back to work? I will be kind of excited to get back to having a schedule and some normalcy, but being at home is kind of awesome. 

What I'm working on...I am working on projects for the new house! Right now I am making the letters for Lincoln's name that will go on his wall, am putting together the design/color scheme for our bedroom, and am trying to find the perfect entry way table, which is a MUST to have right away so I can decorate for holidays!

What I'm excited about...MOVING!!

What I'm watching/reading...Reading is not on my list of things I am able to do lately. But, this summer I have been watching Game of Thrones which just wrapped up for the season Sunday and OMG it was an incredible finale. I already can't wait to see where things go next year. I have also gotten into the Bachelorette, only took me a solid decade or so to jump on that bandwagon! And, HGTV has been my jam too.

What I'm wearing... Lots of workout clothes, as a lot of days I take the boys on a walk, or if I am feeling ambitious sneak out on a run during naptime (leaving them with my mom, of course!) Otherwise, living in my boyfriend jean shorts and cute t-shirts and tank tops!

What I'm doing this weekend...Not too sure yet! There is work to be done on the house so Mike will likely have to take care of that for some of it, and then looking at heading up north for the day one day to spend some time with my family if the babies cooperate. I will have to try my hand at some sort of festive dessert too, of course!

What I'm looking forward to next month...MOVING MOVING MOVING!!! I get to move into my new house in August!!!

What else is new...
Not a whole lot!

Bonus Question: What is my favorite 4th of July tradition? My grandma always made her famous Coney Islands, and has passed the recipe into my mom. They are like a chili dog, in a way, but different. They cook in the crock pot, and it has always ALWAYS been on the menu. It is fun to look forward to them every year!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

House Updates [Linkup]

Well, we are officially getting down to the wire on our construction process, so today seemed like a great time for a house update (for the last update, look here) We still have a solid month or so before the big move (I honestly can't even wrap my head around how close we actually are!) but I know that the month will go incredibly fast. I have about 5 weeks of maternity leave left, so basically as I am gearing up to go back to work, we are also gearing up to finally be in our own place again. It is kind of bittersweet, because the last thing I want to do is wish away my maternity leave. But, it sure does make returning to work easier when I know I will have a new house to come home to after those long days back!
The most up to date view of our house!
In the past few weeks, a lot has been done! Three or so weeks ago, it was pretty rough around here. Mike and his dad did the majority of the heating and plumbing on the house, which resulted in them working basically the entire day Saturday and Sunday, as well as pretty much every night until bedtime all week after work. Lincoln also really had a rough couple of weeks, and while I wouldn't say he is a colicky baby, I would say he was definitely having his moments. Basically, if he wasn't being held/bounced/fed/etc., he was screaming. Of course, he went through this phase during the week where Mike was essentially gone all of the time. So, it was rough on everyone. Fortunately, the little guy seems to have really turned a corner, and while he still gets fussy, it is much less and he is becoming more content (all the hallelujah/hand raise emojis here!)
Seeing the frame take shape
We have a roof!
Backyard view
The first time I was able to take in the view from upstairs
The boys rooms upstairs
During daddy's long work weekend, we had to swing by with pizza for the troops.
Checking out the backyard view with uncle Jeff
 Anyway, back to the house! Heating and plumbing are mostly done. We have the shower/tub installed in the upstairs bathroom, and the framework for the shower and tub are in our master suite. The fireplace is installed, too. After some debate, we did decide to go all out on the fireplace, so ours has the ability to look like the embers are lit even when we don't actually have the fireplace turned on. I wasn't so sure at first, but I am pretty excited that even on hot summer nights, we can turn this on and get that warm 'glow' without putting heat out into the room!
Where our tub will be. Definitely need some curtains on that window!
And our shower. So ridiculously excited about our bathroom.
The hubs assessing the new digs. Making sure everything is perfect.
The garage, which is essentially finished!

In terms of structural progress, we are still waiting on the siding. I cannot wait to share what it looks like once it goes on, and really I just can't wait to see it for myself! About a week ago, all of the insulation went in, followed by the sheet rock, and everything is now taped, read to have texture put on. In fact, the walls will start to be painted in the next week! And, we have garage doors! I am definitely liking the fact that the house feels a bit more secure now, especially as the 'things' like appliances and custom cabinets will start being put in soon.
The kitchen pantry (and all the heart eyes)
The living room. OBSESSED and so thrilled we have two story ceilings 
The loft upstairs
Still left to be done is all of the trimwork, and installation of the cabinets, flooring, and utilities like our shower/tub, toilets, sinks, and light fixtures. I can't believe that the work that is done from here on out is what will really start to make our house look like an actual HOUSE inside. Feel me when I say that, after sharing a house with others since last September, to be one month away from this house that I swore would never come to be just feels surreal. We constantly daydream about watching Sunday football in our amazing new living room, and this one is mostly just me, but I can't wait to have the privacy to have a bathroom in my bedroom and the ability to not constantly have to be fully clothed? TMI? Sorry, but you don't realize how much you appreciate being able to air dry after a shower until you no longer can. Haha, it really is those little things that make you feel the most at home!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Perfect Pink [Linkup]

Yes, the cover photo on this post is, in fact a picture of my toes! Keeping things short and sweet today. I mentioned a while back I was on the hunt for the perfect 'Barbie Pink' nail polish, and you guys- I found it! When I got my pedicure last Thursday I actually had another color selected, but this one had been left at my spa station. I saw it and randomly decided to swap out for it, and it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I might sound crazy, but I have seriously been on a mad hunt for a pink that is brighter than hot pink, but less bright than neon. This color pops and is so much fun. I ended up writing down all of the bottle details, and found it on Amazon here! It is by DND and is technically a gel polish but I just ordered the color and not the base/top clear polish. And, they had me at the polish name, 'kinky pinky'!
Do you have an absolute favorite nail polish color? There are so many, I always love to hear what the best ones are! Don't forget to grab the button below and link up for Talk About It Tuesday!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekending-The Wedding

Why is it that the best weekends always fly by so quickly? I swear I blinked and it was Sunday evening. This weekend was a great one, and I would love to rewind and do it all again!

On Thursday, my mom treated me to a pedicure and some 'me' time, and it was MUCH needed. I went to a new salon than just opened and it was super nice, and seriously the best service I have ever had at a nail salon.
On Friday, I had my 6 week postpartum appointment, and ran some errands with the littlest little. The afternoon was then spent getting ready for my brother in laws wedding rehearsal. In the meantime, my guys just chilled out watching cartoons.
All dressed up and ready to go!
After rehearsal we went to the grooms dinner, and Jackson ran around non stop. Which he also did at rehearsal. In fact, based on how Friday went we made the decision to not bring either of the boys to the reception at all. We felt kind of guilty, but also totally realized that as long as they were there, we would have a really hard time enjoying ourselves and appreciating the evening!

On Saturday, we headed over for pictures. And I of course had to snag a picture of the beautiful flowers. Summer blooms are just gorgeous right now!
Jackson was once again all over the place. But also adorable. 
My STUNNING new sister in law
Dressed in his best
They were able to get about two pictures before Jackson decided he was over it. It was naptime, it was hot out, and he was hungry. As he and the flower girl are the same age and she was holding up about as good as he was, everyone decided it just wasn't worth the struggle to try and have them walk down the aisle. So, our adorable ring bearer was brought over to grandma and grandpas instead and crashed for a 4 hour nap! With that, we were officially kid free for the night!
The ceremony was at our church (AMEN for indoors and AC!). My in laws clean up pretty good, don't you think? :-)
One of my best friends from my childhood was the maid of honor, and walked with my husband. Who cleans up pretty well, if I do say so myself! Is it possible to have a crush on the person you live with? Ha!
The bride looked STUNNING!
After the ceremony we got checked into our hotel and met up with the bridal party for drinks. 
Both of us enjoying our first beer in ages!
Love this girl so very much!

The rest of the night was spent dancing, catching up with old friends, and just having a great time. For the first time in a very long time, I felt like Mackensey the person, and not Mackensey the mom. We both let loose, danced to our song, and enjoyed a few dances to some R Kelly, who is my husbands favorite of all time. Yes, I'm serious.

Sunday morning came too quickly, and one of us was feeling better than the other. I'll leave it up to you to guess who was who ;-) We indulged in some McDonalds breakfast, picked up the boys, and took it easy the rest of the day. Lincoln was in the best mood and full of smiles!
We topped off the night with Game of Thrones and JalapeƱo Popper pizza, and ready or not, we are off to tackle another Monday!

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy happy Friday everyone! I am extra excited to see this weekend, because my brother in law is getting married tomorrow! After a rough few weeks of adjusting to a new baby and having Mike off working on the house nearly every day, I am just a little excited to unwind, enjoy a few adult beverages, and spend the night at the hotel while the kiddos are with my parents. All I can say is this mama needs a night out! 

I had a dress picked for the wedding, but after trying it with multiple bras and considering I need to wear bra pads due to nursing and unpredictable business happening, I just couldn't make it work. With that being said, if anyone is interested in buying it, I purchased it for $64 here  If anyone would be interested in it for $48, let me know! I missed the return window, BOO. Shoot me an email if you are interested!

Once I realized that dress was not working, Nordstrom saved the day with their quick and free shipping and I scooped this one up on sale. I love the soft yellow color that I went with (sold out now) but this pink color is so pretty, too! I plan to add a chunky necklace and pretty belt to dress it up! And, it is totally nursing and pumping friendly!

I am seriously all about ON boyfriend shorts this year. On one of their recent sales, I got these and another pair for less than $14. TOTAL. Probably one of the best deals ever, and they are so cute and comfy, and best of all mom appropriate without looking like mom shorts. Win.

Ice cream dates. Last week me and my little hunny snuck out for a lunch date, just the two of us. He liked his hot dog and chips, but let me tell you this mama asked for a taste of ice cream at least ten times, and it was NOT happening. This guy inherited his mama's sweet tooth. For sure.

Flip or flop. Ok, I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of the couple, particularly Christina, but I LOVE seeing the profits they make on their flips. I would never have the guts to flip a house myself, but I find it so fascinating to watch others and see how they do it!

Once again an Old Navy find, how cute is this dress?! I love the pattern, and think this would be adorable with a jacket or cardigan for work, or with some cute sandals for a summer day off. Maybe I should just buy up their whole store, it would save me so much time!

Anddd with that I am off to enjoy a wedding weekend! See you all next week for a recap!
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