Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday the 13th friends! Nothing more spooky than this day falling in the month of October! I think this calls for extra cups of coffee, snuggling up on the couch, and watching Hocus Pocus to celebrate. Also, if I see a black can today you can most definitely find me running in the opposite direction ;-) It has been awhile, so I can't wait to share some of my favorites lately!
1. Sueded Moto Jacket
Finally, on an awesome sale, I scooped up the moto jacket from Old Navy I have had my eye on! It is seriously the softest jacket I have ever worn, and it is so stretchy! I absolutely love the camel color too, it is a fun change of pace. I could not recommend it more-and it is on sale right now!
Jacket // Jeans // Sweater c/o // Booties
2. Light Wash Jeans
I am so in love with my new light wash jeans. I had seriously been on the hunt for the perfect pair for a solid month or two, and finally found them. They are a lower rise, but still come up high enough that I don't feel like a teeny-bopper wearing them, ya hear me? ;-) All jeans at AE are currently on sale, too! The current prices are some of the best I have seen, other great options are this pair and these, too!
3. Fall Themed Letterboards
I have been having so much fun playing around with my letterboard, especially now that we are into my favorite season! I decked out the little corner of our kitchen with some spooky décor (aka paper bats and fake spider webs), and smile every time I see it. I just love having a home to fill with little traditions! 
4. Pumpkin Patch
Last weekend, we took the boys to a local pumpkin patch for the first time. I would actually call it less of a pumpkin patch, and more of a corn maze/activity center, but they both absolutely loved it! There was a bouncy thing (I honestly can't even think of how to accurately describe it, because it wasn't a house but also wasn't a trampoline. Jackson had an absolute blast jumping on it! Lincoln was all about running around in whichever direction we didn't want him to go, but that is what being a toddler is all about, right? ;-) I am absolutely loving being at a stage with our kiddos where we can finally start doing these fun outings!
5. New Blankets
This past week, we got a new throw blanket for the living room, as well as some cuddly blankets from the boys from Saranoni Blankets and we are O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with them! I cannot put into words how soft they are. The throw blanket is the most perfect soft and neutral shade, which I love because it will allow me to keep it on the couch all of the time to mix and match with my seasonal throws I put out. I always keep two throws on the couch, because, his and hers ;-)

I hope you all have the best fall weekend! I am probably (okay, definitely) going to be making more apple spiced desserts with the windows open, and just maybe will attempt to grab some family photos outside! The trees are entering peak right now, and it is just absolutely gorgeous!

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Little Bit Of Life Lately

Well, I continue to fall off of the bandwagon with blogging. Woops. To be honest, I have really lacked motivation to sit down and write. So often, ideas and motivation come to me, and I find myself writing a post without feeling like I have to. But lately, that just hasn't been happening for me. So often I find myself missing this little space and the awesome connections I have made through it, yet I also just can't bring myself to write if the words aren't flowing. So, instead of staring at a blank computer screen willing the words to come, I have been playing with the boys after dinner, watching my favorite fall TV shows that are finally back on (AMEN!), and spending lots of time in the kitchen on the weekends with the windows open, soaking up the beauty that is fall in Minnesota. Blogging is important to me; it has been the most incredible outlet, it has introduced me to so many amazing mothers from around the country who have become a real life support system for me, and it has been the creative outlet I need to feel like I am doing something for myself. But that is what this space is, something for myself. And so, if there is one thing I could freely spend all day talking (or typing) about, it is my sweet family which inspired this whole space from the beginning, so a life lately post is what we are going to end up with here!

I keep thinking the stages my boys in are so much fun, but I don't know if I could have anticipated just how sweet having two silly toddlers truly is. Jackson continues to talk up a storm, and has so many opinions lately. He loves to tell jokes, and will always tell me 'mommy, that's too silly'. Both of our boys are absolutely obsessed with the movie Moana lately-I have no idea how we just viewed it for the first time in the past few weeks, because the music is so amazing I listen to it even when the boys aren't around ;-) When Maui's song comes on, both Jackson and Lincoln get up and dance like fools. Lincoln is so darn precious, and he will spin around in very large, wobbly circles, and is so proud of himself. Those boys so often make me catch my breath because I am so overcome by their sweetness. Of course, they have plenty of salty moments too!
We got a bObi robotic vacuum this summer, and it has been one of the best additions to our home ever. I have it programmed to run mid morning during the weekdays, so I make it a point to clean up the living room and kitchen floors of all of the boys' toys, and come home to freshly vacuumed floors. It even knows how to find its way home, so it goes right back to its docking station to charge for the next day! Of course, after overcoming their initial fear of the thing, both of my boys basically consider bObi to be our family pet, and treat it as such. Lincoln has figured out how to turn it on, and we have now been forced to place our little bObi up and out of reach because Lincoln will abuse the darn thing all evening if we let him. In fact, he has received his first time outs due to his abuse of the bObi, and this has also resulted in some of his first full blown tantrums. We are talking arched back, hands in the air, rolling around on the floor as if the world is ending tantrums. And we aren't even halfway to year two yet; Lord help us!
Jackson is all about anything festive, and it has been so fun to whip out all of the pumpkins and fall décor and watch him get so excited about it. His favorite piece of clothing (today, at least), is without question his ghost shirt. I got one for both him and Lincoln and I have had to do emergency loads of laundry because he wants to wear it every. single. day. While it may not be good for the wear and tear of our washing machine, I just absolutely love having the opportunity to see all of the little joys in life through the eyes of a child. They truly bring the magic back into everything. It's so true when people say the only thing better than holidays AS a child are holidays WITH a child.
So that is life lately. Lots of lazy days, lots of snuggles, and lots of pumpkins ;-) Thank you to everyone who continues to follow along, you keep me coming back to this precious little corner of the world!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Date Night Look

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I don't know about you, but I always end up gravitating towards the same pieces for my closet. Basics for work, cozy things to wear around the house, and casual jeans and sweatshirts are my go-to items. I always have a hard time justifying the 'fun' purchases, because my current life just doesn't allow me to wear them all that often. But when I saw this pretty lavender number, I couldn't help but scoop it up for a fun date night look! We don't get out often enough, but with both of our birthdays and our anniversary all falling within a one month window, this time of the year allows us a few extra opportunities to go out. And when they are MY big days, I am able to demand we throw on something a little bit fancy, even though my hubby prefers to wear a hoodie 99% of the time ;-)
Top // Pants // Clutch (old, similar here, here, and here)
I love everything about this piece, from the tie detailing in the back, to the cutout shoulders, to the fluttery details on the sleeves. Confession time: this is actually a dress! But at 6 feet tall, it ended up workout perfectly as a tunic top for me, and I love how it looks tucked into the waistband; it completely changes the look and feel of it! It could still be used as a dress/tunic with a pair of leggings and booties, too.
What is your favorite look to wear for date night? And what is your favorite thing to do when you get a night out!?


Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites-Mid September

Well, it is Friday, and it is mid-September, and it is supposed to be nearly 90 degrees today. For you southerners I suppose that isn't saying much, but my Minnesota soul is just not equipped to handle temperatures that high, let alone at this time of the year! Of course, after today it is nothing but 60s and even some days in the 50s! Fall, I see you coming, and I am so ready for you!
1. A New Phone
Well, I finally bit the bullet after literally months of waiting and finally got the iPhone 7 Plus! You guys, I am so obsessed! After my very sad story of washing my iPhone 6 shortly after moving into our new house, I was rocking my old iPhone 5 until I was finished making the payments on my nonfunctioning phone. Kind of depressing, right? I told myself I had to wait until I could get the 7+ at the same amount as my current monthly payment, and that number finally happened, YAY I am finally working with a phone that takes pictures that actually look amazing. I wanted this phone for the camera features, and they truly do not disappoint. That, and the battery has a life longer than four hours which is a plus ;-) Now, wish me luck in not letting this thing anywhere near a washing machine, ever.
 I am seriously so obsessed with the portrait feature on this phone!
2. Vivora Niko Chair
This week the boys were so excited when this adorable vivora niko ball arrived. Jackson thinks the bear face on it is about the coolest thing ever. He has been loving using it to sit when he is at his chalkboard, and Lincoln prefers to drag it around by the ear ;-) It is a great tool to help kids with better balance, and even functions as an exercise ball. I love how cute it looks; it is such a great addition to the play room that really adds to the space!

3. Blush Sneakers
Do you all remember the coveted DV blush sneakers from Target last spring that sold out absolutely everywhere? Well, they are back in stock! I have seen then in my local stores, and it looks like all sizes are currently available online! If you had been wanting these, I would suggest buying them now before they sell out again!
4. Fresh Palette
So I think I managed to fully skip mentioning this (what kind of blogger am I?) but it was my birthday two weeks ago! The big 2-8! My sweet sister surprised me with a new eyeshadow and highlighter palette, and I am LOVING IT. I had been using the remnants of my old Naked palette and was definitely due for something new. It is designed by Carli Bybel, and I love the blush and gold tones to this one, and have been having a lot of fun mixing and matching the new options! I highly recommend it! 
5. Toddler Talk
I shared some of my favorite things Jackson says earlier this week, and I have to say, the nipple comment is by far the one that people seemed to laugh at the most ;-) I cannot say it enough, but sometimes I forget that a year ago at this point in time, we were having him assessed for speech therapy and were so concerned as he essentially said five words, at most. Now, we literally cannot get him to stop talking. He tells stories, plays make believe, and wakes up every morning and immediately needs to know where the last toy he was playing with before bedtime the night before is. I just love hearing his little voice so much. Head over to read up on the funny things our little man says!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday. You guys, we are only a week away from the most magical month of the year!!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Things Jackson Says

Well, a year ago I couldn't imagine being here, but Jackson never. stops. talking. He has a lot to say about just about anything you could imagine, and often he says things we would prefer he didn't. He is at such a fun stage right now, I want to remember as many of the little things he has been saying as I possibly can!

  • OOOOH, Me wike it! He cannot say his 'l' sound yet, and I secretly hope he never does. So wike is of course like. He will proclaim this over absolutely everything. I showed him my wedding ring and told him that daddy bought it for mommy, and this is what he said. I bought him new snacks, and this is what he said. I show him a pile of dirt on the ground, and this is what he says :-)
  • Poop. Everything is poop, poop head, poop face, you name it, he will tack the word 'poop' onto it. Which is funny, because the kid won't do #2 on the toilet for anything.
  • Oh, fank you! It must be daycare, because this kid has some pretty awesome manners. He thanks me for absolutely everything, even when it isn't necessary.
  • Me a big dinosaur.
  • Me a talking little dinosaur.
  • As I am putting him to bed and he touches my shirt; "oh wow, dose nice big nipples." Dad took over the bedtime routine after that.
  • Me gonked my noggin.
  • Square. Circle. Triangle. Pentagon. Hexagon. Heart. Fart.
  • Let's go to TARGET. (my child).
  • When I bought him some Halloween pajamas; "Mama why you buy dese for me? Oh me wike dem! Mama, why you buy me dese white monster jammies!?"
  • It's okay Winkin. He has started consoling and cheering on his little brother, and it melts my heart every single time.
  • Way by me in mine bed, mommy.
  • Dat not funny, mommy! He is quick to correct me if I ever laugh and he thinks I shouldn't have.
  • Mommy, where's my wittle BAY-ORD. I cannot even put into words how precious it is when he says bird.
  • As we are walking through the grocery store and he is pushing a small cart; Mommy you walk by me? Mommy, you my FRIEND!
  • Mom don't make my brother SAD! Well, that is an interesting turning of the tables ;-)
  • Winkin is my wittle baby penguin.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Wildflowers and Ruffles

If you haven't heard me repeat myself before (because I have literally been saying it on repeat), I am OBSESSED with the wildflowers in our backyard. We live on about 4 and a half acres, and while we have some trees on the perimeter, it really was a field of wildflowers before we set in and started building/landscaping. As of now, we have about one acre that is actually our useable yard, and the rest is still just doing its natural thing. While it can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, I look out at the gorgeous wildflowers most day and just feel so grateful that this place is ours!
We have continued plans for this yard. We put in a patio this summer, and next year are planning an above ground pool, and if not next year then soon we will also be doing a fire pit down closer to our pond. I know as these projects happen, we will trim down more and more of our yard. I am excited about this, because we bought this land so we could use it, and as pretty as they may be to look at, you really cannot run and play where the wildflowers are. It is fun to know that our landscape is going to progressively change, especially over the next five years or so, but it is kind of bittersweet, because I really am loving it just as it is right now.

I suppose my love of wildflowers and soft, pretty things makes it easy to understand why I was immediately drawn to this neutral peplum ruffle top. There are so many tiny details that make this top so unique; the bottom chiffon layer to the ruffles, the raw edge neckline, and the lace detailing where the peplum begins. It is roomy, so I suggest sizing down! I paired these with my new favorite colored Rockstar Jeans from Old Navy, but this top is such a neutral color that it would go with absolutely anything! It happened to be chilly the day I wore this top, and it pairs perfectly under a white jean jacket!

Can you all believe it is already September? My mantle is decked out and ready for fall (however my hubby already requested I put the pumpkins away and dedicate the month of September every year to VIKINGS themed décor for football season.) I'm soaking in every last day of these pretty flowers before they turn over and winter is upon us!

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Cutest Halloween Jammies!

Well, you all could have figured this post was coming! It is officially September, and we are all over the Halloween pajamas! Of all of the things my kiddos wear, pajamas are by far my favorite to shop for. Which is proven when you open Jackson's pajama drawer and it gets stuck because it is overflowing. Woops! But he loves them too; it has become a new favorite thing for him to pick them out at night. It may mean I am doing rushed loads of laundry (because he definitely needs to wear his newest monster jammies every single day), but it is so fun to watch him get excited over picking out his out things!
I have rounded up some of my absolute favorite Halloween themed pajamas for your little ones. Check them out, and let me know if there are other places you love to buy cute seasonal jammies!

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