Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites

YOU GUYS. It is the last week of October. What? This month flew by so ridiculously fast. I swear it was just yesterday that all of the bloggers were celebrating September 1st #sobasic It's days until Halloween, and I plan to soak up as much October goodness as I can the next few days. Because you guys, November 1st is official Christmas pajama season in my house!

1. Speaking of Christmas pajamas, Carter's has this adorable style right now, and I think they are just perfect! They look very similar to a much more expensive brand, and are so perfect for the holidays. I wonder if they will make them in my size for me?.. Someone stop me I have a problem.
2. Eyes and Brows
I am so ridiculously excited, Beautycounter just brought back their eyeliners and brow pencils! These items have been unavailable for nearly a year, and quantities are while supplies last. I kind of find it funny how, back in our middle school prime days it was all about the thin eyebrows, and now we seriously make them as full as we possibly can. I can say I am definitely a MUCH bigger fan of the natural look though, within reason at least ;-) These items are amazing so try them out while they are available!

3. All the fall things
Mike has to work nearly the entire weekend, which is a bummer. BUT, I am determined to get my little guys to a pumpkin patch this weekend! Between Lincoln's baptism (which I just realized I still haven't recapped), family functions, and just a busy month, I am eager to get these boys out to pick pumpkins. Jackson is obsessed with them, and everytime we drive by a place that has any sort of a pumpkin out, he explains 'HI-ya-se-se'. That is his word for pumpkin. Or jack-o-lantern. To be honest, I have no idea what exactly he is saying, but it is without a doubt his word for pumpkin. My sister in law pointed out to me how fun it is that little ones have a language that often we as parents understand, but no one else does, and it is so true! All of his precious little words that make no sense to everyone else but I know exactly what he is talking about make it so fun to be his mama. I absolutely cannot wait to see his precious face when he sees a pumpkin and gets to pick one of his own. While he does so, I will likely be doing my best to prevent Lincoln from eating leaves..

4. Earlier this week, I kind of dumped my heart out in this post. While I write a lot about my family, what is going on, and perhaps growing pains, I really do tend to keep my deep and personal thoughts private and within the confines of my home. However, recently there has been so much change in my community, so much hate, and so much increasing violence, that I couldn't help but speak out. As a proud Christian, I want to be a shining example of what we are first and foremost placed here to do, and that is love one another. I hope I was able to be a reminder to some who perhaps have forgotten, or who let anger and differences get in the way.

5. I didn't post too much this week, however I am very excited about the few I put out. Yesterday I shared a home tour that was long overdue! I stuck to the basics, and the photos are a look at the house before anything was moved in. While I love to see décor, I also love that I have photos to look back on and remember what it felt like seeing our home when it was brand new and not yet ours. I also don't mind seeing the playroom pre-toys. ;-) #itwassoclean #toystoysEVERYWHERE

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday, and do all of the fun and festive Halloween things! I need to watch Hocus Pocus ASAP or I just might have to disown myself!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Little House Tour!

We have been in our house over two months. Two months, and it is most definitely feeling like home. I am sure it is in large part due to the fact that the place we lived for the past year was not truly our home, but it feels like we settled into this space so quickly and effortlessly. Well okay, not exactly effortlessly. But it seriously took a matter of days and it just felt like ours. Our home. Finally.
We were given the greenlight to move in on Friday, August 12th. One of the hardest things I found with building is that when you actually get to move is a bit of a moving target. We had a general idea, but really anytime from the end of July to the end of August was fair game. I cannot put into words how amazing it felt to finally be given an official date. We were so excited we really didn't know what to do with ourselves. Every day leading up to that Friday felt like the longest day ever. So often I said that I just didn't think we would EVER get to move. Eleven months is a long time to not have your own place, people ;-) But what do you know, the time did eventually pass, and we were both thrilled to take a day off of work and get things done!
My in-laws actually live just a few miles away, so in lieu of hiring movers, my husband and brother-in-law were up bright and early and moved all of our furniture over. All of our bedrooms were set up first thing, which was the most important thing! Literally all other furniture in the house was brand new and being delivered, which made things much easier on us. Except for our kitchen table getting delayed (and not arriving until we had been moved in for over a month!) We also had no need to unpack kitchen and household supplies while living with Mike's parents, so I was so VERY happy that I did not have to repack and unpack all of those items. I may have done a happy dance and been on the verge of shedding a tear or two when I unpackaged my beloved plates and coffee mugs after not seeing them for an entire year!
While things are unpacked, the house is pretty bare right now. As I have mentioned, our old house was built up with essentially all hand me down items, make-shift décor, and not much else. So this new space was ground zero. We decided we did not want to bring anything in that we didn't intend on keeping long term. So, slowly but surely we have added new pieces like nightstands, end tables, and wall décor. I am thinking I will show a home tour in a few months, and of course I cannot CANNOT go without showing off some seasonal décor for fall and CHRISTMAS. You guys, do not even ask me to try and explain my feelings about the Christmas tree we plan on buying. I wish I could put it up TODAY.
In the meantime, I decided to share some photos of the house in all of its empty glory. It is amazing how different it looks and feels now that we have filled it up with our belongings, but I am so glad I have these photos to remember the building process, and the finished product when everything was perfect and brand new. Enjoy this little sneak peak!
The kitchen. Truly one of my favorite spots in the house. I love this space so much.
The laundry room. This is actually off of the coat room in our back entryway. It is a small space, but is nicely tucked away and easy to get to!
The living room. This is the space Mike dreamed about watching his Sunday football in for so long. It is still surreal to think that we are here, and yet it already feels so normal! Also, is it weird that the room feels BIGGER with furniture in it?
The office. This room was immediately deemed the playroom. I am so thankful for this space, because it keeps the clutter out of sight and out of mind. Of course, most days I avoid looking in here because it is definitely NOT clean and tidy like it is in the photo above!
Our master suite. The rest of the house is trimmed in dark oak, but we went with white in our master. I love it so much, our room feels like a little retreat from the rest of the house!
A view over the living room from the staircase. I am so obsessed with having two story ceilings. Any guesses where we are putting the Christmas tree?? :-)
At the top of the staircase is this loft area. This is currently Mike's 'man cave'. I imagine down the line this will be where the boys play when they have friends over. It really is a fun little space with character.
The upstairs bathroom. We still don't have a shower curtain! We stumbled across some wall art in Hobby Lobby last week and that actually was what helped us decide on a color scheme for this space, so hopefully we will finally get this space pulled together soon.
Bathroom selfies ;-) I wanted to capture the awesome closet! There is so much space, even though it is in the bathroom, I am thinking it might be a good storage space for other random items for the loft down the road.
The view out of one of the upstairs bedrooms. Already looking SO different with the changing leaves!
And finally, the front entryway (you can see little touchup spots that were still on the wall). I have big plans for a console table and huge mirror, but all in due time :-)

A lot of days I forget what a long road it was to get here, but it feels so right to be exactly where we are, and sometimes it seems like we have been here forever. I am so excited to build memories and traditions in this place. It feels so good to be home.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

A Reminder To Us All

I regularly listen to children's singalong tunes in my car. When tantrums happen, they seem to have a magical way of calming things down. The CD I have is often played on repeat, and is often kept playing while I mindlessly sing along long after I have dropped off my children at daycare. It's catchy, okay?

One of the songs recently struck a chord with me. I have known it since childhood myself, but I think in the current events of our nation, we can all bear the reminder.

"Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world". Not just the affluent children. Not just the well behaved children. Not just the children who have parents who raise them in the Christian faith. He loves the homeless man begging on the corner. He loves the refugees from other nations. He loves those who are in jail for committing terrible crimes. He loves us all. I have been raised to love and serve God, and I do not understand where along the line religion became something that people think entitles them to pass judgment. Do I have beliefs? Do I have opinions? Yes. Do I believe that those beliefs and opinions give me the right to dislike and criticize others who may not live their lives in the same way that I do? NO. Hate breeds hate, and that is not what we are here for. The God of the family who goes to church twice a week and attends bible study is the same God of the family that has never been to church, lives off of food stamps, but says their prayers nightly and thanks God for that food they are receiving. You do not get to be more Christian than another person. As a parent, we often find ourselves with one child who succeeds and strives for the best, and perhaps another child who scrapes by in school and acts up more often than we would like. And yet, we love both children equally and would do anything and everything for them. God wants us to help one another, serve one another, and love one another. I am by no means anywhere near perfect, and I imagine God looks at me often and thinks, "wow, she is making poor decisions. I do not like the way she does things". And yet he chooses to love me, as fiercely and passionately as he loves all of his other children. So why should I do anything different?

Regardless of your religion, the frequency in which you practice your faith, or the number of times you pray per day, I hope that we can all choose to love, choose to support one another, and choose to know that we are all equal in His eyes. God is love, so let's start to practice what we preach.

Beloved, let us love one another. For love is of God, and everyone that loveth is born of God, and knoweth him. 1 John 4:7-8.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites

I have been so bad about consistent blogging lately! I really do always have the best of intentions, but life continues to happen, and continues to be busy! I worked an evening event this week where I didn't get home until about 7:30, and losing that one night seriously throws everything off! With all of that being said, I am super happy to see the weekend! We are celebrating both my sister as well as my mother in law's birthdays, and I am ready to hopefully have some downtime and just relax!

1. Beautycounter gift sets

You guys, Beautycounter just came out with their holiday gift sets, and they are amazing! There are so many options, ranging from complete skin care collections, to small masks and specialized options, to eyeshadow palettes and body scrubs. I think my favorite is the charcoal set, which includes the [AMAZING] charcoal bar, as well as the charcoal mask. You can seriously see the impurities drawn out of your skin when you use it! Price points vary too, making it an affordable option to gift whether your budget is modest or large! They come beautifully packaged in a pink/red and gold box, and are seriously ready to go!

2. Baby pajamas
Okay, once again talking about the holidays here, but all of my favorite stores have rolled out their holiday pajamas for purchase! I always try to be way ahead on this, because nothing is cuter than Christmas jammies, and I intend to get every single day's use out of them that I can! So, we full on start rocking them before Thanksgiving, and I'm not one bit ashamed. I am planning to do a round-up of all of the cute options out there, but for now this pair, these, and these are my absolute FAVORITES and will without a doubt be making their way into the closets of my littlest men.

3. Speech
I mentioned it a bit recently, but Jax has just taken off with his speech lately. We don't even really keep track of new words anymore because he has so many. However, this week he really started stringing words together which is just so amazing to hear! He will pair a number of things with hi, buy bye, and night night. Yesterday, we were picking up Lincoln and he proudly declared 'NIA! House!' Nia is his new way of saying grandma, by the way ;-) I am so proud of how far he has come, and we are having so much fun really starting to communicate and converse with him!

4. PB powder
Have you guys tried out the peanut butter powder? I have seen it in grocery sections, but I actually got a big tub at Sams Club. To date, I have mostly used it as a mix in shakes, but this week I followed the instructions to use it as a peanut butter substitute for my cinnamon toast. OMG. So easy and yummy! And there are only 50 calories in a serving compared to 180 in peanut butter. I am sold!

5. The perfect jacket 
 I had a bunch of Gap rewards, and decided to pull th trigger on this jacket for Lincoln. It is an amazing material that keeps him warm but is not one bit bulky. If you are looking for a good jacket for your kiddos in car seats, this is it!

Hope you all have a great weekend filled with apples, pumpkins, and pretty leaves!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Fashion Must Haves

Fall means all of the cozy things. And pumpkin spice everything, obviously. #basic Really though, every year when fall rolls around I cannot wait to roll out all of the long sleeves, boots, and scarves. I am so in love with all of the colors and styles that are out right now!

Before getting to anything else, go out and buy yourself some cozy hose tights right now. They are so thick (as in not one bit see-through), warm, and long! Nothing drives me more crazy than when tights seem too short, or when they cut awkwardly into your waist. Maybe it is from my dance team days, but I like to hike up my tights as high as they can go, basically up to where my bra ends. Awkward? Probably, but SO much more comfortable than having them cut you off at the waist. The Cozy Hose are seriously so amazing, buy multiples because you will wear them round the clock throughout the colder months.
I have blogged about the Lush tunics time and time again. But you guys, they have some awesome fall colors out right now! I am loving the burnt orange option, it would be so pretty with leggings at Thanksgiving dinner (because hello gaining five pounds at one meal), or tucked into a skirt for work. They are seriously the most versatile tops ever, I cannot get enough.
I think we all own a few pairs of skinny jeans (says the girl who swore she would wear flares until the day she died. HA!) This fall, I am having so much fun shaking things up with a colored option. I love the deep burgundy color that I have on hand, but army green and camel are perfect for the fall weather, too!
A long, cozy cardigan is a must-have. BP is one of my favorite lines for Nordstrom; their products are all great quality, but they are also affordable! Boyfriend cardigans are my favorite, and are a must for throwing on when you want to be cozy on those chilly fall and winter days. They are coming soon!
I am full on obsessed with swing dresses right now. They are so perfect for a casual day or dinner out, but are great for laying and can be dressed up for the office. They also work with or without tights, with or without a get the picture. They are so versatile which allows them to transition well throughout the seasons. I scooped mine up at Old Navy for 7 dollars!
Another trend I was a little bit late to join in on, but LOVE is booties. They spruce up any outfit, and I have also found them to be great for work. Flats really don't cut it when we are dealing with frigid Minnesota winters, but a pencil skirt with riding boots just looks ridiculous. I have found that booties are the perfect compliment both to a casual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt, but also to a skirt and blouse in the office. And I am constantly surprised by how comfortable they are!
Of course, while booties are great for dressing things up, nothing says fall like a good, quality pair of riding boots. I love two-tone boots. The color combination allows them to work with literally any color combination, because I hate nothing more than not being able to wear a pair of shoes because they clash with my top. Two-tone is where it's at!
Last but not least, if you do not yet own a blanket scarf, you MUST jump onto the bandwagon, because they are amazing. They truly do unfold to the size of a small blanket. In fact, I have used mine when I was a sub-par mom and forgot to bring a blanket along to my baby's doctor appointment ;-) They are soft, so very warm, and adorable. I love the classic style, but have seen so many glorious color combinations. I want them all!
What are your go-to styles for fall? Any items that you just have to have once the temperatures turn cold?

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I am actually off work today, can I get an amen. Wednesday was our anniversary, so kind of last minute both Mike and I decided to take today off and spend it together. And of course as we started making plans we considered not leaving our kids. But I said no, we have to. It is so hard to get time just the two of us, in part because our kids are cute and we kind of like hanging with them most of the time. I can't wait to enjoy a long weekend and get some quality time in with my hubs! Before kicking off the weekend, as always it is time for a few of my favorite things!

1. Banana pudding
We are having Lincoln baptized tomorrow, and afterwards all of our family will be coming over for dinner. I asked my mom to make this banana pudding. You guys, it is so good and seriously one of the easiest things to make EVER. We always serve it up in a trifle dish which is so pretty and it is always a hit. I can't wait to help myself to a serving, or five.
2. Shopbop sale
The Shopbop sale is happening right now! I am dying over this cardigan, how perfect is it!? I love the color, and think tying the front is a fun idea. I am also a sucker for stripes, and think this top is perfect and would work so well throughout fall and winter. My heart is pitter-pattering over the fact that chokers are back in, and I love the layered look of this necklace. And finally, for my working ladies who need to rock the office look, this skirt is awesome and I am loving the bold color! If you spend up to $500, you get to take 25% off your order, and anything over that amount you get to take 30% off!
3. Baby pajamas
As always, I am a sucker for the baby PJs. Old Navy has some AMAZING options right now, and through Sunday cardholders get 40% off! Don't worry, everyone else still gets 30% off. I ordered this pair for Lincoln, and I love this sweet option as well because, hello, mint green. You guys, I have such a problem.
4. Ikea
Okay you guys, I really just have to sing my praises of Ikea. When we were initially planning Jackson's nursery, we decided on the Hemnes dresser in white. We have loved it so much, and when we moved and our master suite was slated to be white, we decided it made the most sense to hijack it for ourselves. And after searching up and down, I was still so loyal that we ended up buying the same dresser in the black/brown option for Lincoln's new nursery. And while making that trip, I also got the matching nightstands for our room because I just couldn't resist.Their stuff is seriously such a good quality, at unbeatable price points. We are planning to make a stop in on our little anniversary day-cation tomorrow, and I seriously cannot wait. If you have ever considered trying ANYTHING form Ikea, you seriously can't go wrong. Just do it. No, this is not sponsored by Ikea. I just love this store THAT MUCH.
5. Cardigans
I am so in love with cardigans this year. They are great for dressing up an outfit, but can also be SO cozy. I am loving the length and style of this one, and am planning to give it a try! I am so impressed by the BP line at Nordstrom, I can't get enough of their stuff! This adorable option is also on mega clearance at Target right now. Yay Target, always swooping in for the win.

And an extra, because this little shindig basically sums up how I feel that it is the weekend!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Next Breast Thing

For those of you that follow along with me, you likely know by now that my babies are on the larger side of the scale. They are both proportionate, healthy, and doing great, but boy, are they big. They are both off of the charts for their height and weight, and don't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Needless to say, babies who grow that much eat, a lot. Here we are, over five months in with Lincoln, and sleeping through the night is a concept makes me laugh out loud, because I would do anything if we could even get it down to ONCE a night at this point. While the sleepless nights may be driving me a bit crazy, I will say that nursing makes it much easier to handle. We still have the bassinet in our room, and when Lincoln awakens, I simply pull him into bed with me, lay alongside while he nurses, and we both fall back asleep. Most of the time, I am awake no more than a few minutes for a feeding, so at least in that respect I am thankful.

Once I went back to work, we had to introduce bottles during the day. Okay, rewind. I tried introducing bottles before going back to work on a few occasions, but the little guy has gone through some rough patches, involving lots of crying and being upset all.of.the.time., and on those days the last thing we were going to do was mess with a feeding method that calmed him down. So, on my first day back to work, I dropped him off with grandma, handed her a stack of bottles, and made a dash out the front door. And he did surprisingly well. While I would not say that he took to the bottles like a fish to water, he at least was willing to drink out of them. If he was propped in the perfect position. And had a view he could enjoy. And a hand to hold. And was being bounced. I do not lie when I say that my precious boy is demanding.
So, while feeding was going okay while I was away, it was not going great. And then I came upon the Breast Flow bottles. And knew I had to try them. I have seen plenty of bottles with valves and countless parts claiming to improve flow and risk of colic, but what was different about these bottles was in the design of the nipple itself. It has a suck and compress feature, so it truly operates as a breast would during feeding. I have watched both of my babies take bottles with milk dripping down their necks because they stopped sucking, but the bottle flow did not. And while neither of my babies have had major issues with gas or colic, and therefore I have never branched out much in terms of trying bottles, I figured, why not give these a try?

And you guys, I am sold. I left these with my mom, and after his first feeding I was truthfully a bit discouraged. He was not particularly hungry, and did not seem thrilled with them, and so I thought shoot, I guess it's back to the old bottles. And then a few hours later, when he was truly hungry, I received rave text messages that he LOVED them. The biggest thing that was noticed almost immediately was that my baby truly had complete control over the flow of the milk. He has reached that age where he gets distracted during feedings, and when he decided to take a break, he was able to leave the nipple in his mouth, with no milk flow disrupting him. They have taken him a bit longer to drink than his other bottles, but that is likely because he is a) not losing an ounce that had in the past been dripping onto his neck and clothing, and b) he genuinely seems to enjoy his feedings and is taking his sweet time, because these bottles allow him to do so. In fact, since using the Breast Flow bottles, he has been falling asleep during feedings, which he has never done before!

In addition to feedings being easier, cleaning has become easier too! The nipples are very wide, and to clean them does not require special brushes, as there is enough space that ensuring all milk has been washed away is very easy to do. While it may have one more part than our old bottles, the ease of cleaning and ensuring they are completely sanitized with each wash makes it totally worth it.
Aside from nipple design, the starter kit also comes with a storage container for formula if that is your method of feeding, as well as a brush for cleaning. And, a particularly thoughtful part of the design is that the covers snap onto the bottom of the bottles! This is a lifesaver when trying to give a baby a bottle and not wanting to set down the lid on a random surface, making it one less thing for a mom with a hungry baby to have to worry about :-)
I would recommend these bottles a hundred times over. I have seen so many styles and products out there, but none that so closely reflect the real thing as these. I am still trucking along with breastfeeding, and it is a comfort to know that when I am away, my baby is receiving something as close to the real thing as possible. If I can't be there, at least I know he has the next breast thing!
Have any of you tried Breastflow bottles before? Are you thinking about giving them a try? I would love to hear your thoughts, and am happy to answer any questions that you may have!
*This post is sponsored by The First Years. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Three Years.

Three years. 1096 days. 26,304 hours. 1,578,240 minutes. I have done three years of life with my perfect match, and they have been more full of struggles, changes, growth, and love than I could have imagined. In three years we have welcomed two perfect, healthy baby boys. We survived two long years of grad school. We spent a year living without a home to call our own. We have built our dream home and are settling into our new normal and place to call ours forever. Three years may not be a magic number, and it may not be a milestone year, but something feels special about three years. I think, my love, that if we can conquer the past three years, then we can conquer anything. I am so very lucky to call Michael my husband, the father of my children, my person. To the last three years, and to many more ahead, happy anniversary my love!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Lincoln: 5 Months

This little turkey is five months old! And getting busier by the minute. While I wouldn't say he is any less demanding, he is certainly becoming fun entertainment and one smiley little guy. His baby babbles are coming out in full force, and slowly but surely him and his big brother are starting to become buddies! He has grown so much in this past month, I can't wait to see what month six has in store for us!
Wearing his jersey for his 5 month update, in honor of the Vikes going 5-0 yesterday!!

Age: Five months
Height: 28.5 inches. Still growing, still off the charts. Still huge.
Weight: 22 pounds. Again, off the charts. This boy is tall, sturdy, and soo very squishy.
Milestones: He has started rolling over from back to front! He was getting over like 90% of the way and was just stuck on his shoulder, and he was starting to get so frustrated by this. As of last weekend, he has officially started to make it all the way over, which definitely had his mama doing some cheers for him! He has started eating solids, too! In fact, he is up to eating twice a day already, because this guy gets HANGRY and so very excited when he sees food.
He is getting very good at grabbing onto things, and reaches for things that he wants. Rolling over has really helped with this, as he can now reach for things that aren't quite in reach by flipping onto his side or belly. He is SO observant, and has also discovered his reflection. He loves to flirt with himself, and he is his favorite comedian because he giggles like crazy when he watches videos of himself.
Sleep: Still terrible. The best night this month was when he made it until 2am, and then slept after that until 5am. It is pretty typical to be up around midnight, then 2ish, then 4ish. With that being said, it is not uncommon for him to fall back asleep, and this past weekend he slept in until 9am, and only woke up because his big brother broke into the room and started making noise. I keep reminding myself that they DO eventually sleep. Of course, I am still waiting for sleep to not be something we battle with his brother who is two years older..they do sleep eventually, RIGHT!?!?!?
Best Moments: He is just oh so sweet, and loves to giggle, coo, and gurgle, especially before bedtime when you can tell he is getting sleepy. It is the most precious thing to listen to, the kind of sounds you just want to bottle up and keep with you forever. Watching him learn to eat has been fun, too!
He has really taken to his jumparoo and is becoming more content to lay on the floor (when his mood is right) so for mom and dad it has been a GREAT moment to be able to do a few other things besides holding him.
The absolute BEST moment this month, though, came last weekend. This little guy is NOT a snuggler. He likes to be bounced and held when falling asleep, but even then he often would rather do a bit of fussing and put himself to sleep. However, early on Saturday morning we were up and I had the baby channel on, and he sat on my lap, little head against my chest, just content watching TV. If it is any indication of his temperament, I truly think that was the first time my baby has cuddled with me without it being for food or sleep. I sat there, closed my eyes, kissed his little cheeks, and just soaked up every second of it. I am not holding out hope for him to ever be super snuggly, but I am hoping moments like this become more frequent as he grows.
Worst Moments: Just sleep. What is sleep. Someone hold me, or hold Lincoln while I sleep. The end. We tried moving him into his crib for a few days, but I was making my way upstairs at least two times a night, and every time resulted in him ending up in our bed anyway. So, for the sake of my brain cells and being able to function as a normal human being, he is back in our room, in the bassinet he is quickly outgrowing, where I can scoop him up and nurse him in bed while I fall back asleep. There's always next month!
Health: He is a healthy little guy. He seems to have gotten a touch of the cold that mom and big brother have been sharing, but overall we have been blessed with another healthy baby. He has had plugged tear ducts since birth, and while they still give him grief, they do seem to be clearing up so hopefully the eye 'gunk' will be gone soon! There is definitely an improvement in that over the past month or so, which is great to see.
We did kind of go out on a limb and try giving him reflux medication, even though he has no physical sign of reflux. His tantrums and fussiness were getting hard to explain (he is seriously SO fussy and never content) and I knew silent reflux exists so we figured it couldn't hurt to try. And within 12 hours, everyone who was around him commented he was seriously like a different baby. SO much better. Was it truly reflux? I guess we don't know for sure, but we have definitely seen an improvement and I am so glad we made the decision to give the medicine a try!
Eating: Like a champ! He still nurses, and thanks to our new bottles (review coming later this week so stay tuned!) Eating during the day bas become a million times better with grandma. Of course, anyone who gives him a bottle must heat it to the exactly perfect temperature our mayhew will ensue. He loves pretty much all fruits, and while he doesn't seem to like veggies quite as much, he has still eaten them without much of a fight. He seems to go the most crazy over apples, but I am sure that will change as he grows. We pretty much skipped right over rice cereal, we served it up a few times and he did okay but I mean, it doesn't taste like anything. Partly because I am lazy and partly because his pediatrician told me it was okay, I don't really do much mixing with oatmeal and instead serve him the fruit straight up. I was shocked when, on only his third attempt, he put down an ENTIRE container of bananas. So I may start adding back in the cereal just to fill him up because he is now eating two containers of baby food every day and seems eager for more. My growing boy!
Teeth: None yet, but his bottom gums have the appearance of teeth being not too far beneath the surface, so I am thinking they will be breaking through fairly soon. He loves to chew on EVERYTHING and thinks having his gums massaged is the greatest. Those babies can't be far away from making their appearance.
Likes: Playing in his jumparoo, or mobile car while at grandma's house. He loves to watch his big brother play, and is just a snoopy little thing, always listening in on conversations. He loves attention from pretty much anyone, whether it be mommy, daddy, or a complete stranger. He is a big fan of diaper changes, and gets super excited when he gets taken out of his clothes and is allowed to hang out in nothing but a diaper in the early evening. He is a big fan of eating at all hours of the night, and also thinks that mom and dad's bed is the best place to sleep. He enjoys ceiling fans and when he is in the right mood he loves to have conversations with them. He is in love with the Baby Channel, especially Hide and Seek/Peekaboo, which was Jackson's favorite as a baby as well! His most recent LOVE has to be food; he gobbles down his apples and bananas faster than I can feed them to him!
Dislikes: Snuggling (cue the sad faces), being hit on the head by big brother, being shaken while in the jumparoo by big brother. He still is not the biggest fan of bath time, but basically just the part where I wash his face and hair, so we still save that for last ;-) He does not like being set down, or whenever people are not within eyesight. He will be happy as can be but if I get up and leave the room he will be hysterical almost immediately. He is not a fan of being held while nursing, and basically the only way I feed him is laying side by side, which makes it a bit tricky if we are out and about!

The days with this boy keep getting sweeter as his personality blossoms and those tough baby days become a bit less frequent. He is a determined, hard-headed little guy, it is clear to everyone who knows him already. It is a joy to watch him work so hard to reach his milestones and grow big and strong. He is a precious soul, and we are so lucky that he is ours!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Favorites

TGIF! This week felt like a long one. Maybe it was because it was actually kind of a slow week at work, but the days kind of dragged, and then once I got home I felt like there wasn't enough time to get it all done! I am more than ready for this weekend. It is only supposed to reach highs in the 50s and 60s, fall weather is officially here! I can't wait to hopefully do some relaxing and spend some time with my babies. Before we wrap up the week, I am ready to share my favorites from this week!

1. Lunch Date
Yesterday, I met my mom, sister, aunt, and littlest mister for a lunch date. It was so nice to get out of the office for a bit, and see this precious guy, even though he was a pretty grouchy date ;-) I mean seriously, how cute is he!?
He may have been grouchy, but man can he throw some looks at the camera! Some of his faces seriously crack me up!
2. A steal of a deal
I made a return at Old Navy earlier this week, and of course decided to browse for a few minutes before leaving. I buy nearly everything online because they have a Tall section, but you can return Tall items in stores, so sometimes I luck out. Well, this dress was on the clearance rack marked at an additional 75% off. I walked out and paid five dollars. FIVE DOLLARS for this adorable dress! The lace detailing on the sleeves and shoulders is so fun, and a lot of reviews complain the sleeves are way too long, but as a gal with arms that are way too is perfect.
I paired it with my blanket scarf, which I have had for two years or so. They have become so trendy so while the original Zara scarf a few years ago was pretty spendy, you can find cheaper versions pretty much everywhere. This week I saw the best deal I have seen to date. Ladies, if you have been wanting a blanket scarf, RUN to your closest Target and the Dollar Spot. They have exact dupes of this blanket scarf for $7! That is the best price you are ever going to find one of these for. Seriously, AMAZING.
Dress // Scarf (similar) // Two-tone Riding Boots (similar)
3. A good day
Life has been a little rough lately. We had a nasty cold go through our house, and both boys have been pretty moody and hard to deal with. Last night though, Lincoln FINALLY took a solid nap while at my mom's, and came home in the best mood. He was all smiles until bedtime, when he ate and went right to sleep. This precious mug was what I got to enjoy in the morning.
And once we got home, we was just as happy as can be. I cannot handle this picture, you guys. I could seriously just eat him up. He is such a precious little soul. And his outfit is one of my favorites ever!
Adding to the sweetest of the day, when we woke up yesterday Jackson was so snuggly and just wanted to be held and wake up in my arms. Some days your kids drive you insane, but other days you love them so much you just want to soak up every second of them that you can. This moment holding him was perfection.
4. Sweatshirt
Confession. I saw this sweatshirt on Instagram and purchased it IMMEDIATELY. I am so in love with it, and it tells people what I am too afraid to say most of the time ;-) It is on major sale right now for only $20. You can't beat that for a comfy (and funny!) sweatshirt.
5. Halloween Goodies
I knew I had to buy my boys something festive to wear during the month of October, and was so excited to buy them these matching hoodie shirts I found at Gap Factory. I am not a fan of predictable, overly theme-y stuff, so I like that these are fun and so stylish, while still being 100% festive! 
With that, I am off to a work training. Only 8 hours stand between us and this weekend! Happy Friday, I hope everyone else is enjoying a glass (or three) of wine tonight. I know I am! ;-)

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Well, I was all set to have another post go today, but, you know, kids. I swear this has been one of those weeks where I do not stop moving until I lay down to go to bed. So, instead of my scheduled post (coming at you next week, so check back!) I figured this is a perfect week to dish out some Confessions with Danielle!

I confess..

I don't know how to keep the house clean. I seriously come home, feed my children, bathe my children, do laundry, tidy up the kitchen, and it is somehow time for bed. When in the world do people find time for things like cleaning the floors and scrubbing toilets!? I feel like I am just constantly trying to keep my head above water. Keeping it real, we were kind of slobs in our old house. Now that we are in our new house, I want to keep things as clean and in as good of condition as possible, but I swear there aren't enough hours in the day!

I made a return at Old Navy, and found a dress in my size (Tall, so it was a return), marked an additional 75% off of its sale prize. You guys, I got it for five dollars. So I bought a dress instead of coffee. And felt like I won the lottery.

I am so tired. Like, ridiculously tired. I think about sleeping and get giddy with excitement, and then I quickly get super sad because I know that it won't happen. I seriously, seriously have debated every single day this week taking some PTO and going home while the kids are at daycare and just sleeping. But instead I just keep trucking along.

Echoing what Lindsay confessed last week, the follow/unfollow game on Instagram is so obnoxious. I would love to build my following, but personally just have no desire to follow a thousand random pages just so those people will follow me back. If you follow me because you expect a follow back, and then unfollow me the next day..just no. I love instagram, but sometimes it seems ridiculous!

I kind of fail at blogging lately. I have the best of intentions, but there just aren't enough hours in the day. Most days, when I find myself with a magical hour that I could actually punch out a good post, I find myself sitting on the couch, staring at the wall. And enjoying it, because there are no little hands clawing at my hair or demanding to be fed.

I need a vacation. I don't care where, but I need a vacation.

I realize these confessions basically turned into a declaration that I am overtired and a little burned out this week ;-) But that's what these are for, right!? Cheers to tomorrow being Friday!

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