Thursday, April 20, 2017

Life Lately: Favorite Target Finds

I have a serious question. Is there any place in this world greater than Target? Okay, that isn't a serious question, because the answer is obviously NO. Disney World is pretty high up there, but Target may in fact be my very favorite place. I was so excited to see Allie hosting a linkup of our favorite Target finds, and my biggest problem is honestly narrowing the list down. I want all of the things at Target!

1. Shoes
These shoes have gotten a lot of attention across the blog world this spring, and for good reason. They are so darn cute, and super comfortable! And with a sale, I scooped them up for a mere $17. I know inventory fluctuates, but if you see them available in your size, you need to get them!

2. Cleaner
My sweet friend Chelsea introduced me to these delicious cleaners, and I am hooked. I have the grapefruit and sea salt and lime scents, and they make cleaning so much more fun! They are extra motivation to wipe down and disinfect my counters at night, because my kitchen smells so darn delicious after!

3. Dish Soap
Okay, my age and mom status are totally showing, but I am also obsessed with this dish soap lately! I always hate having to get it out every time I do dishes, but I also hate leaving a bottle on the counter. I love that this can be left out next to our hand soap, and is a bit less of an eye sore. It also makes it so easy to put a few pumps into the water in the sink for easy dish washing!

4. Bookends
I am still obsessing over these Pineapple bookends, you guys. I was so upset that the ones left in my store were damaged so I couldn't bring myself to buy them in less that perfect condition. And by the time I put that together, the sale they were on had ended. And I always wait for a good sale. ;-) These are hanging out in my cart and I need to make them mine!

5. Iced Coffee
These almond milk iced coffees are so good. I grabbed one on a whim one day, and couldn't believe how tasty it was. While not super cheap, they are definitely still more affordable than you iced latte from the coffee shop. If you like coffee and almond milk, you will love these!

6. Comforter
While this isn't our newest purchase, I don't know if I ever appropriately raved about the comforter we purchased for Jackson's bed. His nautical nursery theme was something I wanted to carry over, as I am waiting on any kind of room design until he starts really expressing an opinion. This piece was perfect to tie in the navy and red of his room, and I accent with his original nursery quilt and décor. It is very soft, but durable meaning it is easy to wash, which is key with a toddler! I also figured with the colors it could easily transition as a hand me down to Lincoln if we ever redo Jackson's room, as they both have navy in their color schemes. Practical, but seriously cute as well!

7. Candles
I am usually a Bath and Body Works girl when it comes to candles, but when I want to stock up and be a bit more frugal, I really like the two-wick options from Target! They melt pretty well and have some really yummy flavors. My most recent favorite scent was a sugared melon, it smelled incredible!

8. Vase
One weekend recently, I set out on a mission to furnish our fireplace mantle, which is very big and was very empty. In desperation, I grabbed this vase in two sizes, totally unsure if I would keep them or not. I threw in some green stems, and fell in love! They have a funky feel to them, and I was worried they may look too modern or harsh for the vision I had, but they fit just perfectly with the rest of our décor. I have seen them on major sale in our store, so while they are still in stock online, you may find them even cheaper in store!

I cannot wait to see the other finds that you all have picked up at Target lately!

Also linking up with Annie for Thoughts for Thursday.


  1. Love target!!! Some weeks I will go multiple times just to get out of th house. I have those cute shoes and love them. They are so comfy and perfect for spring. I can't ever leave that store without spending $100. Even when I have two things on my list!!

  2. I never think to look at the shoes in Target....I may be the only person in the world who doesn't haha! I love those blush slip ons, so I need to get my to Target soon to see if they still have them! Way cheaper than the ones I found at a local department store.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Crazy how we all just love Target! I also like the Method laundry soap. So easy to just pump into the dispenser. Great finds Mackensey!!!

  4. Target is my HOMELAND!!!! And I love those shoes!!

  5. Thanks for linking up! I've been tempted to try Method because it smells so darn good! Trip just got a new Pillowfort comforter in the mail this week, and it's so cute- love that it's reversible.

  6. I got one of those iced coffees and can't wait to try it. LOVE everything from Target.

  7. Those are some great finds! I LOVE those shoes! Target is right up there with TJ Maxx for me!

  8. Target for the win!! I need to try that coffee! I'm coffee obsessed and love trying new ones. Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. Everyone keeps talking about their candles! For as much as I shop at Target I have never checked out their candles. That's where I'll be this weekend!

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  12. There is nothing better than Target!!! I need to check ours out for those shoes :)

  13. Is the dish soap foaming? Husby helps with dishes every night and is very particular we need this foaming dish soap LOL Love the comforter – The navy rugby pattern is what we have for my sons curtains ;)

  14. Love those pineapple book ends!! So cute. I need to try these cleaners..I agree a great smelling kitchen would make me want to clean!


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