Thursday, January 14, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday everyone! I am especially excited about this Friday because I have a few short hours to work in the morning from home, and I have the rest of the day free! Sometimes, working long days during the week is totally worth it when a super laidback Friday is your reward :-) I am doing my best lately to limit my spending, but that doesn't mean there aren't some things that I am still loving lately, that won't break the bank!

I just received these stud earrings this week.
You guys, these are practically free, they are so cheap. I have multiple pairs of the BP stud earrings, and love them. I will say that the backs don't stay on well, so I swapped them out for the more traditional earring backs, and they stay on just fine. As I am sure other mama's can understand, earrings that cannot be grabbed/yanked are the best kind!

The new latte macchiato from Starbucks. Has anyone else tried this drink yet? I thought it was delicious, but I am not sure what I think of the price tag. I still sometimes nearly drop my jaw when something as simple as a latte rings in at nearly $4. Sigh. I have reserved Starbucks as an occasional treat and stick to basic lattes from cheaper stores or the gas station most of the time lately. This new drink is delicious though. It is a bit of a twist on a traditional latte, has a bit more of a bite, and I just love ordering anything that allows me to say 'macchiato'!

Doughnuts. Just doughnuts in general. I don't know if it is because I am pregnant, or because I have a ridiculous sweet tooth, but I have been all about the doughnuts lately. I am ever so NOT patiently waiting for Dunkin Donuts to begin opening their chain of stores in Minnesota starting this year! I hear my town is on the map (but not until 2017). Guess I will just have to make sure I am pregnant one more time when they open their doors so I can give in to my cravings every week. That's a rational thought process, right??

The Target Dollar Spot. Dear Lord, help me when I walk past that section. I couldn't resist buying the sequin XO sign to spruce up my desk as Valentine's day approaches. I have also recently scooped up a cute plate for Jackson to use during meals that is V-Day themed. I want all of the things, and really need to get in my new house soon so I have a place to put all of these totally necessary items.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I am totally upset by the lack of availability in items for boys. All of the little girl things are so, so cute, but every other holiday seems to have darling boy items, too. Not the day of love, apparently. I went on a hunt for at least SOMETHING to dress my little guy in, and did fall madly in love with this little shirt. I love the design, the lack of tacky sayings like 'I dig you', and that perhaps our child that doesn't want to talk will start telling me I Love You in four languages. Hey, a girl can dream!

We have another weekend ahead of us with below zero temps. The high on Sunday is negative 6 degrees. Yes, I said negative. Brrrr. So, I foresee lots of cozy socks, warm drinks, and indoor play this weekend. Sounds like a Minnesota weekend to me!

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  1. I need to try that Starbucks drink! I normally just a regular coffee and have them add a flavor syrup and then steamed milk! Its only like $2.50 :)

  2. Gah all of this is speaking to me! Those stud earrings..would be a fool not to purchase those! They look so much like the Kate Spade studs! And donuts and Target dollar section and basically everything in this post makes up soul sistas. haha Have a great day!

  3. Lucky, I want to be at home too! Enjoy your weekend!!


  4. Lucky, I want to be at home too! Enjoy your weekend!!


  5. I've seen the new macchiato, but I haven't tried it yet! But the caramel macchiato is my fave!

  6. Target's dollar section is my happy place! I've spent way more than I want to admit there...Have a lovely weekend!
    The Rad Wife

  7. The target dollar section gets me all the time! When I go with my husband he's always like can we skip the dollar section this time?


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