Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lincoln: 2 Months

Another month has passed, and Lincoln is already two months old. Time continues to move by faster and faster, and while it seems like he has been with us forever, I also cannot believe it has been two whole months. We have seen such change and growth in him, especially over the past week or two, and it is so fun to really see his little personality begin to shine through. He is becoming less and less fussy and more and more interactive, and we couldn't be happier or more in love with the little guy! 

Age: two months
Height: 24.5 inches or so. Again, these are my measurements and we will get the doctors tomorrow! 
Weight: We have an official weigh in tomorrow at his two month appointment, but the scale at home says he has solidly passed the 15 pound mark. Jackson was about 13 pounds at two months (see his post here), and I remember thinking that was so big! He is just a big baby all around. So big, and sooo squishy. Both height and weight put him at about the 90-98th percentile!
Milestones: So many smiles this month! He is really starting to coo and use his voice, which is really what gets a mama through the first difficult weeks. He also holds his head up like a champ, and has progressed to semi-regulated and scheduled dirty diapers. It is a good day when not every diaper is a poopy one, just saying. 
Sleep: I really don't think there was much of a change in this over the past month. He is up about twice a night around midnight and 3am. After 3am, he is kind of up on and off and we don't get another solid stretch. His days are hit and miss; sometimes he naps a ton and is hard to wake up, and other days he takes mini cat naps and really won't sleep no matter what we do. I am hoping this month is where we really start to see longer stretches. I'm not even hoping for sleeping through the night, but if we could just get it to once a night, that would be amazing!
Best Moment: Listening to his sweet sweet baby sounds. He is spending so much more time awake, and is becoming more and more reactive to our facial expressions and noises. A boop on the nose has this sweet boy full of smiles and coos. He is just the sweetest. 
Worst Moment: I will be honest, this month was just rough all around. From about 4-7ish weeks old, Lincoln cried all. the. time. All he wanted was to be held and rocked and fed, and that is challenging when your older child is still a baby himself. I had one week there where, being honest, I said to myself, usually while driving as he screamed in the backseat, 'I do not like my baby'. I hate to even put that in writing, but it was how I was feeling. My mom stepped up and treated me to a pedicure, and Mike and I did his brothers wedding baby free, and we both had the best night and it was exactly what I needed. Once I recharged my own batteries, I seriously think my babies could sense my calmness and we kind of turned a corner, Lincoln started smiling and becoming more interactive, and now I definitely like him and think I'll keep him :-)
Health: He did get a touch of the cold we had going around the house, but nothing extreme and he seems better already. 
Eating: He is a big eater, but really hasn't gotten too consistent yet. He gets gassy a lot, so often eats small amounts more frequently versus larger amounts in one feeding. But, obviously growing isn't an issue (see his weight ^^^)
Teeth: None, but he has started to drool a bit. Thinking we need to get him some bandana bibs, they are the cutest!
Likes: He loves to be held all the time, and is super into his pacifier. I have them stashed all over the place because I don't dare be caught without one. He loves to eat, and smile at the wall and light fixtures. He also has grown to like diaper changes, which is a breath of fresh air after over a month of him screaming every single time he was changed.
Dislikes: He is not a fan, but is somewhat coming around to bathtime. He HATES dirty diapers and loves to get changed and into a clean one as soon as possible. He does not like to be cold at all. He isn't a fan of his brother intentionally hitting him on the head with his toy cars. He dislikes being forced to take a break during feedings when my milk comes in, because if he doesn't then I practically drown him, which he also dislikes. He gets pretty darn grumpy when he is gassy. He is not a fan of his carseat or car rides, and screams about half of the time we drive anywhere. He is just a very particular guy and knows what he likes and, more importantly, he knows what he dislikes! 

Mr. Lincoln, you certainly keep us on our toes, and we are so lucky to call you ours. Your smiles are infectious, and nothing beats a little chatting with you. We can't wait to see how you continue to grow over this next month!


  1. What a cutie! My oldest had colic and cried all the time- it was rough! I feel for you! I've had moments of disliking her when she was that little!

  2. Oh my gosh look at how big Lincoln is getting. And his smile. I die. So stinking cute.


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