Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Home Update [Linkup]

After unexpectedly taking off from 'Talk About it Tuesday' last week, we are back with the linkup this week. As always, join in and share whatever is on your mind, whether it's a personal story, a favorite product, or even some random funnies :-)

I figured today would be a great time to share a little house update! In the past week or two, my husband and father in law got our in floor heating and plumping in, they poured our concrete, and have the first floor framed! It is so fun driving by and really seeing changes almost every day. On Sunday, we drove over and I got to walk inside for the first time! It was absolutely crazy to look out th Windows and see what my bedroom window view will look like. Naturally, Jackson gravitated towards the patio door already and I have no doubt he will be trying to sneak outside to play lots!

This week, they are getting the second story framed! In no time, we will finally be able to see what our house will look like from the outside! :-)

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  1. omgomgomg how exciting!!! Love seeing this progress!!!! eek!


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