Monday, June 13, 2016

Lincoln's Newborn Photos

Once again, I have slacked in getting this post up. It is amazing, I can log in and check things from my phone, but sitting down at an actual laptop and uploading pictures, forget about it! Finally, after lots of battling of naps and half an hour before heading out the door for swim lessons, I managed to get these sweet pictures put into a post. I already look at these pictures and can't believe how chubby his little cheeks have gotten since these were taken. My dear friend Amanda took these and once again, I could not be happier. She does such a fantastic job, is easy to work with, and really captures authentic moments, which I love. There is little to no posing with Amanda, she just clicks her camera, and BOOM magic. For those of you who live in Minnesota, I highly recommend checking her out!

I love love all of these, but the brother shots are my absolute favorite. They capture so well the reality of their relationship at this point in time; Lincoln sleeping, and Jackson excitedly kissing his head while panting like a dog. I am not joking, if you hear Jackson suddenly quicken his breathing with a devilish grin on his face, you know that he is coming in for kisses, and you better brace yourself (and Lincoln!)  It is so special to have these little memories in photo, and I hope I always remember these precious moments.


  1. Oh my gosh, how precious are all these pictures?! And you look gorgeous! Great all around!

  2. Loving all these photos. Such cute shots with both of your boys.

  3. love these! your family is beautiful


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