Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday Outtakes (Linkup)

Hello Everyone! I cannot believe it is already May. Where has the year gone!? This time of year always seems to sneak up fast, especially because winter often hangs on as long as it can for us here in Minnesota. It was definitely snowing yesterday, and yet I swear we will blink and it will be summer. So, we try to soak up as much of our short spring season that we can!
Today, as it is the first Tuesday of the month, it is once again time to link up with Danielle and I to share your outtakes from this past month! Any and all photos that didn't quite make it off of your phone or camera are fair game :-) Grab the button below, and link up so we can see all of your photos from the cutting room floor!
I posted a shot from this night on Instagram the other week, but left out my bathroom selfie. Notice all of the water marks on the mirror. I swear I clean my house..sometimes. 
Snuggles with my boys. On the mornings where they aren't throwing tantrums and want to cuddle and watch Mickey Mouse, I just soak it in. And usually end up going to work with messy hair because I waited too long and didn't have time to curl it! 
 This guy. Mean mugging for the camera. But oh so cute.
Just keeping it real. This photo was an outtake for a reason..yikes! And that looks like a tear on his cheek..but I don't recall him crying? 
 While snuggling on the couch on Sunday night, Jackson put his arm around Lincoln and it was just so sweet. They sat there like this for the longest time.
Mike smoked this pork for my nephew's first communion, and he and my brother in law love to send each other pictures whenever they smoke stuff. It was really yummy..but EW look at his dirty hands!

Surprisingly that is all of the outtakes I had for the month! I have either gotten 'delete' happy, or didn't have my phone out much to take pictures! Either way, now it is your turn, so link up, I can't wait to see what you all have to share!

Also linking up with Lindsay for Tuesday Talk today!


  1. The second picture is my favorite! So sweet!

  2. Awww I love those snuggly pics of the boys!

  3. Lol, I like this post idea. Every time I try to take pictures for the blog there are about 50 outtakes haha.

    - Claudia

  4. I can't believe you had snow again! I bought that Method surface cleaner and am now addicted to cleaning my kitchen before bed each night! Love it- thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Snuggly babies! And I miss that kind of paci... reminds me of when they were newborns! So sweet!

  6. I love seeing these! Look at those snuggly babes!

  7. I love seeing the cuddling pictures! Even though they are blurry and messy, it's so fun to capture those sweet moments {I'm a mom of two boys too and it gets harder to get those pictures with you in them- so keep it up!}

  8. That pork looks amazing! What cuddly little guys you have!

  9. I love outtakes because it shows our real lives. I have water marks on my mirrors. I take weird angle photos and take way too many food photos!

  10. I messed up! I wrote down that the link up was this coming Tuesday, not the one that just passed! Ooops.


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