Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY! I never like to admit that I am wishing time away, but spring is looming before us and has yet to arrive, and so these are always the few weeks of the year that I secretly hope the time goes by quickly. Until that spring weather shows up. Then I will switch teams and ask time to slow down! I keep trying to remind myself that, while it may be cold, we have somehow managed to escape all of the snowstorms people have been getting lately. At least we aren't dealing with icy roads! We have a pretty empty calendar ahead of us this weekend, but I do intend to bake some cookies, eat some pizza, and drink some wine. Before I indulge in the thousands of calories that await me, though, time to share some favorites!
1. This tunic (because I can't stop, won't stop)
I scooped up another one of my favorite tunics that has been on backorder for over a month. I got the 'quail' color, and it is the prettiest muted lavender color, so perfect for spring. It is in stock in a few sizes without backorder right now. So if you are looking for a pretty spring blouse, scoop it up! Other great spring colors are 'violet ice' and 'zen blue'. I now own five, yes, five of these tops. They are seriously the most perfect and versatile shirt for both the office and days off. Clearly I am obsessed.
2. Bookends
Remember a few weeks back when I shared all of my favorite pineapple things? Well, this week I stumbled across these bookends at Target. They are perfection. And I also know Target always runs a good sale, so I am waiting for my perfect opportunity to strike. #socheap Now, the biggest question, the gold option, or the white and gold? What do you all think?
3. Featured Blog
Earlier this month, a piece that I wrote was featured on Mother Manifesto! I talk about adjusting to having two children, and how often, it just feels like one of me isn't enough. Head over and give it a read, and check out the other inspiring articles on the website, too!
4. The Best Rice
Has anyone NOT had Chipotle? If you haven't, I am so, so sorry. Chipotle is amazing and delicious and there is a reason people are addicted! Back when we had our Superbowl Party, we put together all of the fixings for the best burritos we could pull together, and I made this recipe, which is a copycat of what they serve at Chipotle. I made it again this week to have with our leftover taco ingredients, and you guys. It is seriously an exact dupe. SO GOOD. After making it at home, I can tell you that the rice really is what makes Chipotle so darn good. Now I just need to find a way to make a copycat hot salsa, and some barbacoa, and I will never have to buy burritos again! ;-)
5. Gap Friends and Family Sale
It is my favorite sale of the year! Or season? I'm not sure how often exactly Gap runs their F&F sale, but I want to say it is once every 3-4 months. You get an additional 40% off of everything with code FFSALE. And if you have a credit card and shop in stores it is an extra 10% off every day, on top of all other discounts! If you have a Factory store, it is happening there too. I scooped up a pair of jeans, sweatpants, and adorable shorts for summer for Lincoln this week for $16. Total. I mean, the total on his ridiculously adorable baby jeans was $5. I don't even think you can get them that cheap at Walmart. Thanks to our Toy Story obsession, I saw they now have Woody pajamas as well as the Buzz Lightyear pair we already have. If you have little girls, this swimsuit is possible the most precious thing I have ever seen. It would have been purchased by me immediately, it is so darn cute! I love this stripe tee, as I am starting to gear up for warmer days (I swear we have to get one eventually) are coming and V-necks are just perfect, as you can dress them up or down. This cross-back shirt is so on trend, and their softspun shirts are seriously so comfy and cozy. I have this twill utility jacket, and it has the cutest cut, and is blush. Need I say more?!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Be sure to link up with the amazing ladies below to find some wonderful blogs to add to your reading list!
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  1. Yes to Chipotle! Love that damn place. That tunic is super cute, I really need to invest in some for work...Have a great weekend!

  2. I vote the solid gold pineapple! We love Chipotle too- My salsa isn't the same as their's but google Agalnamedal salsa (or check out my pinterest) for my recipe- it's pretty darn good! Have a great weekend!

  3. I agree that Chipotle has the best rice ever!!! And yay for no icy roads! You know when we have that down here we just close everything ;) One of the perks of the South?!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Love the gold options for the bookends!! Oh man I love Chipotle rice so I have to check that recipe out - thanks for sharing girl!! Happy Weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. That tunic is just precious! I need to go check it out. Because you really never can have too many tunics! :)

  6. CHIPOTLE is life girl and those tunics are amazing- ill need to grab some myself!

  7. I'm loving all things pineapple so that has my vote. We have a Gap card so yay for F&F :) Have a great weekend! Beautifully Candid

  8. That copycat rice is so good! We used to make homemade Chipotle in college sometimes.

  9. I love the colors of those tunics. I'm dying to pick up a few spring outfits. I might have to look at ordering one. And I'm one of the unfortunate people who has never tried Chipotle. I know! :(

  10. Chipotle rice is the best!! Give me a rice bowl any day1

  11. I can't wait to try out that rice!!! Have a great weekend!!

  12. I love those tunics and have a few of them myself! I really want to make that rice!


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