Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Easter Baskets for Littles

We are already a week into Lent, say what. I just love Easter. Of course as a Catholic, the meaning behind Easter is so very special. But I also love that it is during spring, brings out all of the pretty pastel colors, and inspires celebrating new life! I love to treat my kiddos to Easter baskets, but really try to keep the gifts to a minimum. And really, I like to put in practical items that I would likely buy them anyway ;-)

We got Jackson the Happy Valentine's Day Mouse book, and he loves it! I am thinking this Happy Easter, Mouse! book needs to be added to our collection.
We received Home for a Bunny as a hand-me-down book, and I do not know what it is, but Jackson was so obsessed with this book! It is really sweet, and I love that it is a 'classic' book. I highly recommend!
I dare you to try and find a toddler who is not obsessed with Play-Doh. We typically reserve it as a treat and bust it out only occasionally, because with our little guy it usually requires some close supervision. But these easter eggs are super cute and would be such a fun gift!
There is something so sentimental about the Charlie Brown holiday movies, so adding It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown is fun for both mom and the kids! ;-)
One of my favorite things about this time of year is the start of transitioning from winter to spring/summer clothing. And obviously, I have a pajama problem, so this is always the perfect opportunity to thrown in a summer option for when it starts to warm up. These shark jammies are perfect for my big boy. And for my baby who still can use a bit extra to cover him up at night, these organic jammies are so precious yet lightweight and a nice break from all of the fleece he has been wearing all winter!
This HOP sweatshirt is an updated version of one that I had wanted for Jackson a few years back and never bought. It is SO cute, and perfect for spring as it is a good transitional piece, nice and lightweight!
We have a tendency to leave all of the toys on the bathtub bottom. The boys are the only ones who use the upstairs tub, so we never have to pick them up. I think it is about time we get a bath organizer to clean things up and have somewhere to put the five million letters and toys that have a permanent place in the bath time routine.

And speaking of bath time, my kiddos always tend to try to play with or bump into the drain. I get nervous as it could hurt them if they hit it right, so this bath tub stopper is a great option to keep them safe!
My kids are always more excited to drink when it is out of a fun cup. This bunny cup is so cute, and how precious is this milk bottle one, too!?
As we prep for warmer temps, I typically can't wait to buy some new swimwear for my kiddos. Jackson LOVES the pool, and I am dying to get them both in the water! This little pair of swimtrunks is so darn cute I can hardly stand it!! Jackson would look precious in this little pair, too. There is not much sweeter than a babe in swim trunks, except for maybe a baby in fresh jammies ;-)

Of course, I can't do an Easter basket without throwing in some candy, and these jelly beans have, and will always be, the absolute best! Lincoln isn't quite up to the jelly bean level yet, but I think he could manage a bite or two of the classis Peeps ;-)
What are go to items for your Easter baskets? I am always looking for fun and creative ideas!

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  1. Love all the stuff for the little guys! I usually put in a new pair of flip flops or sunglasses for my kids. They each get a new book, too. Ari is really into audiobooks right now and Target has started carrying them for kids.

  2. Beau is getting those swim trunks in his Easter basket, too!

  3. We have Happy Easter Mouse and we love it! And I love the idea of giving swim trucks or bathing suits in an Easter basket... we usually do that, too!

  4. So cute! I just started picking up little things for their baskets and could use some ideas. Thanks!

  5. Adorable!! I'm sure the kids are going to love their baskets!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. My kids are older. I really miss making Easter baskets for them. Those are all nice Easter gifts for little fellas.


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