Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This Friday is awesome, because it is a short week and I can't believe it is already here. We have BIG plans this weekend..not really, we are leveling out the five loads of screened black dirt that just got dropped off in our yard yesterday. Fun, right!? On the plus side though, this puts us one step closer to getting some seed down and growing some grass so our kids can really play and enjoy our yard come next spring! Until then, Jackson is having a blast riding the lawnmower and picking rocks with daddy on the weekends :-) Now onto some Friday Favorites!

My Birthday!
Today is my 27th birthday! It really does seem like every year goes by faster and faster. I swear I never got a day older than 23..and yet here we are. 26 was a crazy busy year, so I am hoping 27 brings some stability, calmness, and normalcy ;-) I am excited to head out to dinner tonight, kid free, and then eat some ice cream cake!

Beautycounter for Target
This one is exciting. I recently became a Beautycounter consultant, and on Monday they launch their line for Target! For those of you that remember the Lilly for Target line, it is a first come, first serve launch, and once products are out, they are out. They will be selling Beautycounter products in different sizes than available online, but otherwise they are exact products. This is an incredible opportunity to try out this fantastic, safe product line for yourself! Once you give it a try, if you want to explore more products and experience just how great BC really is, you can shop here: If you have any questions, I would love to tell you more about Beautycounter and why it is a company worth investing in!

Obviously it is fall, I am basic, and am loving all things plaid. I tried on this shirt at Target the other day and am in. LOVE. It was so soft and comfortable, and it is a tunic so it is nice and long! And, I cannot get over how adorable this dress is. Give me all the plaid things. All of them.

Sound spa with ceiling projector
Lincoln is still in his bassinet in our room (see his 4 month update here) but sometimes now when he wakes up he isn't hungry, but rather just needs to be soothed back to sleep. We had a sound spa for Jackson, but it didn't have any visual features. On a whim, I purchased this one for Lincoln, and it is seriously magic. It puts a picture slideshow on the ceiling of cows, the moon, stars, etc., and he will coo and talk to the images so sweetly until he drifts back to sleep. It really just captivates him, and I am so thankful for this impulse buy!

ALDI diapers
I received the Little Journey VoxBox from Influenster to sample the new baby line that Aldi is carrying. I received a few of their diapers, and you guys, I loved them! They are nice and soft, stretchy, and the designs on them are adorable. I went to Aldi to purchase some, and they were only $12.50 per box! No matter how many coupons you stack, the store brands at other places aren't even that cheap. My jaw seriously dropped when I saw just how low in price they are. Seriously, go buy them. I am so happy with them, and as I have two in diapers right now, cutting the bill nearly in half really can't be beat!

That is all for me today. Happy Friday everyone, and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather we are supposed to have!


  1. Happy Birthday!! I love BeautyCounter!! I bought that plaid shirt & dress from Target. Love them both!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday :) I also love all things plaid!<3 I love your Friday favorites!

    I just started following your blog on bloglovin and I'm obsessed! I would love a follow back :)

    xo Nicole

  3. Happy Birthday!!! (a little late!) That plaid top from Target is calling me - love the colors!


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