Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Toddler Table: Easy Seating

As a mom of boys, I figured I would have to eventually deal with them fighting over things. I will say, with total honesty, that I don't think I quite anticipated the fact that they would literally fight over everything. Snacks. Toys. Who gets to sit on my lap. So it only makes sense that, when I presented a new seating option at the kitchen table, both kiddos immediately wanted to claim it as their own.
 Jackson has been eating at a normal chair at the kitchen table for nearly a year, now. He loves it. We usually don't mind, save for him being able to get up and leave the table before finishing his dinner. But, the second he saw this The First Years Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Feeding Seat that The First Years Brand so generously sent to us, he was all about hopping up, getting strapped in, and sitting in his cool new chair. While I had fully intended using it for Lincoln so we could get rid of his big, clunky highchair, it seems we will be keeping things the same for now, because Jackson won't sit at the table now unless it is in his chair.
Toddler possessiveness aside, this chair is great. It is small and compact, and a simple, clean design which makes for easy cleanup. The tray can be put on, which is great for when Lincoln uses it, but you can also opt out of using the tray and it pulls right up to the table! The seat back also folds down, making this easy to pack up and throw in the trunk, perfect for when we are going to dinner at a family member's house who doesn't have a high chair.
The First Years was nice enough to throw in some cute sippy cups for the boys, as well. The smaller ones have a soft spout, perfect for Lincoln. And you better believe Jackson was all over using these new cups. Both boys have been carrying these around and drinking out of them nonstop lately. Boys will be boys, and I am constantly amazed how they gravitate towards anything with wheels!
 Pardon the sock in this photo, just keeping it real over here ;-) You can see that the seat straps from two different places to secure to your dining chair. It stays in place well, and feels very secure for both of my boys to use.
  You can find this seat at Target, in addition to plenty of other great products by The First Years!
*I received this product by The First Years in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Stang&Co!


  1. We had a seat just like that and it was loved on by all 3 of our kids!


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