Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! Has anyone else just felt off this week? I wonder if we still haven't fully recovered from our long Memorial Weekend. Jackson got super sick last weekend and I had to work from home Monday, so I am sure that is part of it, too. It has definitely been a week where I constantly have had to remind myself what day it actually is!
This week is supposed to be a scorcher, because in Minnesota 95 degrees and humid is a big deal, and basically all the radio talks about ;-) So despite the sunshine, I am anticipating a good amount of time spent inside, and perhaps a little bit of pool time for the boys! And an adult beverage. What is it about a hot summer day that makes an ice cold beer sound SO good? Before cracking one open though, onto some Friday favorites!

1. These Shorts
I have talked quite a bit about these tomgirl shorts from American Eagle, and I really do love them. However, for the sake of honesty I will disclose that there is a hole in the backside. It is intentionally placed, and probably just fine if you are under the age of 25..but alas, I am not. In fact, I had worn them quite a bit before someone else pointed it out to me, so it really isn't that obvious! I still highly recommend, but had to put it out there!
So, this past week I decided to pull the trigger on an additional pair, and I had never tried the boy midi before. But oh my gosh, these shorts are absolute perfection! I am a light wash girl, always have been and always will be. The distressing is plenty but doesn't have me worrying I am going to rip them whenever I put them on, and they are so stretchy and forgiving. I have had the midi style before, and I would say these are just a bit more relaxed in fit and feel worn in the second you put them on. I will be living in these the rest of the summer!
2. Comfy Dresses
Some days I cannot bear to wear anything but a dress, especially on those hot and humid summer days. I swear some dresses are as comfortable as pajamas! My new favorite dress is from Modest Modern Mama. She is the absolute sweetest shop owner, and all of her stuff is so nice.

3. Simplified Planner
Has anyone else tried and failed at getting onto the planner bus? I think my biggest problem has always been buying based on price, or convenience, versus what is truly practical and will allow me to map out my week in detail. I finally took the plunge and have the Emily Ley Simplified Planner, and am obsessed! It breaks out each individual day by time, as well as providing a section for your to-do list. And, on Sundays it helps provide tips and tricks to organizing and planning your week in advance. This is something I definitely plan on doing, to make our weeks go more smoothly and feel more organized!

4. The Perfect Lip Butter
Okay, so this stuff honestly got shoved to the bottom of my purse and I forgot about it for the longest time. But alas, I recently switched purses, found all of my lost treasures, and this is one of them! This lip butter colors like a lipstick, but feels more like a gloss. It is great if you are wanting to add in some color but don't want something very bold. The packaging as it was when I bought it seems to be in the process of phasing out, but Revlon has lots of lip butters and I highly recommend them. I have been living in this pink color lately!
5. Snuggly Babies
I love my babies and I love pajamas, so when my babies are wearing pajamas, I just about can't handle it. Of course, if you have been around here for awhile you already know this ;-) I could just squish them up!!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and have access to a pool, lake, or ocean! Summer is officially here!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine! ;) Love my babies after a good bath and in jammies; they smell SO good and sweet and not at all like stinky little boys! Ha!

  2. I think I may order a Simplified Planner next because way too many people love it. I'm an EC planner girl but I can always try a different one! Have a great weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I didn't see a picture of the shorts but I certainly love that dress. Looks so comfy! Happy weekend!

  4. I love a good planner- my life depends on one! Stay cool this weekend!

  5. Love these favorites! Especially the first two cause mama needs new summertime threads! Thanks for sharing love!

  6. I love that dress you have on! And yes, there is something about a ice cold beer on a hot summer day! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I've been looking at that planner online but haven't bit the bullet just yet - it looks amazing though! I might have to get one!

  8. I love that dress. Looks so comfy and perfect for work or play.

  9. I've only heard amazing things about the Emily Ley Simplified Planners!!


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