Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Fashion Must Haves

Fall means all of the cozy things. And pumpkin spice everything, obviously. #basic Really though, every year when fall rolls around I cannot wait to roll out all of the long sleeves, boots, and scarves. I am so in love with all of the colors and styles that are out right now!

Before getting to anything else, go out and buy yourself some cozy hose tights right now. They are so thick (as in not one bit see-through), warm, and long! Nothing drives me more crazy than when tights seem too short, or when they cut awkwardly into your waist. Maybe it is from my dance team days, but I like to hike up my tights as high as they can go, basically up to where my bra ends. Awkward? Probably, but SO much more comfortable than having them cut you off at the waist. The Cozy Hose are seriously so amazing, buy multiples because you will wear them round the clock throughout the colder months.
I have blogged about the Lush tunics time and time again. But you guys, they have some awesome fall colors out right now! I am loving the burnt orange option, it would be so pretty with leggings at Thanksgiving dinner (because hello gaining five pounds at one meal), or tucked into a skirt for work. They are seriously the most versatile tops ever, I cannot get enough.
I think we all own a few pairs of skinny jeans (says the girl who swore she would wear flares until the day she died. HA!) This fall, I am having so much fun shaking things up with a colored option. I love the deep burgundy color that I have on hand, but army green and camel are perfect for the fall weather, too!
A long, cozy cardigan is a must-have. BP is one of my favorite lines for Nordstrom; their products are all great quality, but they are also affordable! Boyfriend cardigans are my favorite, and are a must for throwing on when you want to be cozy on those chilly fall and winter days. They are coming soon!
I am full on obsessed with swing dresses right now. They are so perfect for a casual day or dinner out, but are great for laying and can be dressed up for the office. They also work with or without tights, with or without a get the picture. They are so versatile which allows them to transition well throughout the seasons. I scooped mine up at Old Navy for 7 dollars!
Another trend I was a little bit late to join in on, but LOVE is booties. They spruce up any outfit, and I have also found them to be great for work. Flats really don't cut it when we are dealing with frigid Minnesota winters, but a pencil skirt with riding boots just looks ridiculous. I have found that booties are the perfect compliment both to a casual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt, but also to a skirt and blouse in the office. And I am constantly surprised by how comfortable they are!
Of course, while booties are great for dressing things up, nothing says fall like a good, quality pair of riding boots. I love two-tone boots. The color combination allows them to work with literally any color combination, because I hate nothing more than not being able to wear a pair of shoes because they clash with my top. Two-tone is where it's at!
Last but not least, if you do not yet own a blanket scarf, you MUST jump onto the bandwagon, because they are amazing. They truly do unfold to the size of a small blanket. In fact, I have used mine when I was a sub-par mom and forgot to bring a blanket along to my baby's doctor appointment ;-) They are soft, so very warm, and adorable. I love the classic style, but have seen so many glorious color combinations. I want them all!
What are your go-to styles for fall? Any items that you just have to have once the temperatures turn cold?

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  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they so cute! I have to resist buying every pair I see-I'm obsessed!

  2. Oh man those booties are exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks for sharing!

    1. yay! Another pair I own that are very similar are the Ivanka Trump ramada bootie-check those out too!

  3. I love these must haves so much! Thanks for linking up today. xoxo

  4. I agree with you 100% on the booties! I've never been able to wear my pencil skirts during the winter because NO shoes ever looked good with them. Booties are just perfect, though!

    1. They are a God-send for the work wardrobe, seriously!

  5. Yes to ALL of these, especially those booties!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    1. Yes-love all things fall! Check out the Ivanka Trump Ramada bootie, too! I have and LOVE them!

  6. Yes to all of this. I love all the Fall and winter clothing and I can't wait for it to be in full affect.


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